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WC Weekend. Who do you have.

Greg S

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4 minutes ago, Steptide said:

So assuming bills beat the Dolphins, do we play the winner of Bengals/Ravens? 


KC gets the lowest remaining seed. If the Bills and Bengals both win (which they should do) then the divisional round would be CIN at BUF and JAC/LAC winner at KC.

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49ers over Seahawks

Chargers over Jaguars 

Bills over Dolphins

Vikings over Giants

Bengals over Ravens

Bucs over Cowboys


I could see the Giants beat the Vikings - they played them close recently, but I'm fairly confident in the rest of the selections.


The Cowboys were rubbish yesterday, and while I expect them to improve, I don't think that kind of form, is going to move them on.


If Lamar is fit, the Bungles/Ravens game will be a lot closer. If he isn't, then more of the same from yesterday.


In what will likely be a close game, I take Herbert to have that bit more than Lawrence.


49ers might be playing the best football in the NFC atm, and will surely be too much for the Seahawks. That 9ers D could have people singing 'Oh, Oh, Oh, Geno', and not in a good way.

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7 hours ago, Greg S said:

49ers over Seahawks

Jaguars over Chargers 

Bills over Dolphins

Giants over Vikings - my upset pick

Bengals over Ravens - hope the Ravens win. I want no part of CIN with our secondary

Bucs over Cowboys








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Niners should meet up with Philly in the NFCCG.


Jags were lucky to beat a decimated Titans team with their 3rd string QB.

Chargers have the talent to play with anyone when healthy. Still good enough to beat Jax.


Miami is limping in without Tua and probably Mostert as well. Bills will be motivated at home.


Giants are a nice story but don't think they beat a over rated Vikings team.


Bengals have the look of the best team in the AFC right now, and they're pissed over seeding. Ravens without Jackson looks bad for Baltimore.


Outside of the Vikings probably the 2 most fraudulent teams in the playoffs. I'll go Tampa just because Brady always finds a way to annoy everyone.


Of course JMHO...

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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