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Very disturbing to see how many fans have turned against Allen.


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It’s really disheartening and disturbing these last 5 games how many have turned against Allen. Guy gives it his all and puts his heart and soul on the team. Has he played reckless? Yes he has. But the team around him outside of Diggs has not helped him much at all. Davis is not the true number 2 WR that we all hoped he would become after his playoff stint against the Chiefs. Knox has also taken a big step back since getting his new contract and that’s becoming a growing theme not only for us but to every team around the league. Also the o line has regressed and large part due to injuries. Chances are we’re going to need a new center and move on from Morse. 


to all those who dislike Allen now. Just remember what we had for 17 years before Allen came to us. Remember Bledsoe, Losman, Fitzpatrick and Edwards, Van Pelt etc

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The reason is, Allen has gone from an MVP front runner to an average looking QB that turns the ball over at critical times.  

There’s a few factors for this:


1. I think the elbow is bothering him more than he lets on. 


2. I think Dorsey is really struggling with play calling and can’t seem to get the most out of his personnel grouping.  I just can’t figure out why Dorsey isn’t able to scheme players open the way other OC’s are.


3. The OL has been a disappointment and only gets worse with Dawkins/Morse injured  

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Agree with most of what OP stated. More likely changes on O-line and injury to 17, just my opinion. Different throwing motion hard to say #2 WR is an issue when every other WR dropped stuff the last few weeks.

Play calling is suspect, feels like the god ol days off run, pass…maybe pass/pull it down/oh crap just ad-lib days of Gailey or malarkey (lol so). Issues all over. 
Fair weather fans are just that and expose themselves easily. 

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1 minute ago, GrimboG said:

He is still in the top 2 QBs in this league.  Gutting it out with an injury.  Be thankful people!  


He isn’t throwing the ball down the field because of the elbow. If we can see this, so can the opposing defense, and they have adjusted their defense accordingly. Until the elbow heals, the Bills are going to have to play an ugly, guy it out style, and hopefully come away with the win like they did vs Cleveland last week and Detroit today.

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Here’s what we have: Despite all that happened today, when we got the ball at the 25 with 26 seconds and 3 timeouts, I had no doubt. We’ve never had someone like him (Kelly, maybe). Someone that no matter the circumstances, we still have a real chance. Even in the three losses, he gave us a chance to win at the end. Just enjoy folks, just enjoy. 



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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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