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Josh Allen injury update(officially questionable - expected to start per Ian Rappaport)

Big Turk

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  • Big Turk changed the title to Josh Allen injury update(officially questionable - expected to start per Ian Rappaport)

Bills officials spent intensive time this past week listening to their doctors and other arm specialists, and the team was reassured that Josh Allen is not at any added risk to make the injury worse if he plays today against the Vikings, sources said.
-Adam Schefter 

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On 11/12/2022 at 11:55 AM, Straight Hucklebuck said:

If the Bills don’t run the ball more, I don’t expect to see the corresponding uptick in our pass catchers taking the load off Allen, or Diggs. 

All WGR hosts are completely against any increase in running the ball, because they equate that with the Drought Bills. 

Of course they are relevant because of Josh Allen and the pass game, and you don’t want the Bills to become the 2022 Chargers with Herbert checking down constantly. 

I just think they could afford to add a bit more conventional offense into their play selection. A few less hits on Allen (he got throttled near the goal

line against Green Bay). 

Stick with the run, like I said 11-13 carries for Singletary and 7-8 for Cook, using Shakir over the middle, moving Dawson Knox around some more, and maybe some play action.


The Jets game was Miami Part II. Allen running around, real and perceived pressure, a lot of gunning, nothing easy. 

I think the Bills have always been Allen dependent, and that has shifted to Diggs dependent as well the last two games. 


it all seems so simple when u put it like that :P

But yeah agree with everything youve said. I'll add that defenses can cheat towards defending Allen & the pass if they know thats what we're gonna do 70% of the time. And our percentage of passing plays has actually increased from last season & we're running the ball even less. If you were an OC analyzing last years performance & shortcomings, would you say we needed to pass even more as your big lesson learned from last year? We even have the benefit of hindsight, being able to learn from our previous season's shortcomings.... to only just repeat the same mistakes of the past? Its maddening haha.


But we're even worse than the past bcuz Knox has all but disappeared & we dont have our slot wr worked out yet & on the outside Davis is here for a game & invisible for 2 after. And forget even questioning the wisdom of giving Knox that big contract extension... as if there was a pressing need to throw money at him before another team swept him up from us. We're just not maximizing our potential with the current assets we have. We're not getting the most out of our personnel & that is a bit concerning from a coaching perspective.

Winning does make everything better however. If we had won last game out we'd be less critical but all we have to work from & evaluate are the things we see.

All that said we lost two 1 score games to teams with winning records, sky isnt falling yet but its getting cloudy... GO BILLS

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On 11/8/2022 at 1:47 PM, Turbo44 said:

Josh has bad pocket awareness?  Is this a bad fkn joke?  He probably has better pocket awareness than any other qb in the league, maybe Mahomes is close. Can't do much when your RT whiffs on a block and you get blindsided when attempting to throw down the field. Any other poor critiques?

Yeah.. best pocket awareness in NFL history.  Not only is he already in the hall of fame, he’s the greatest QB of all time right?  Homerism 101.

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unexcusable play by Allen today the two picks and the most costly the fumbled snap this game should of been won right there with a good QB keeper


still on the coaches for not runing on the second and twos and electing to pass pass and not work the clock when they had a ten pt lead


all three phases lost the game today

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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