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  1. brianthomas

    I want to try Teller on the Dline...

    how 'bout putting Tremaine in at TE? Dude would instantly be our most athletic TE & has a big wingspan to catch contested throws. (sarcasm) But hey now that i think of it, he really would be our most athletic TE because our current crop are average guys at best. Really hoping we upgrade that spot in the draft. Which is where i'd like to find our next Dlinemen as opposed to putting Teller on there.
  2. If the Bills drafted Metcalf, the plan down the road would be for him to be the #1 wr, but rarely does a rookie wr get penciled in as the #1 wr in his 1st year. Its a big jump from college ball to the NFL so it will take him some time, perhaps a whole season before he'd be our #1 wr. That's not to say you wouldn't place him on the outside once & awhile to run some deep routes, but no way does he immediately become your #1 wr. Me personally I think he's too much of a reach at that spot, given the other talent available in the draft & with our other needs. Hopefully this is just a Bills smokescreen or the case of another insider not knowing what he's talking about. DE, DT, OT or TE or trade back with some combo getting Harry as our wr or Fant/Hock/Smith at te would be my dream draft.
  3. Just my take on #4 but I have to disagree with part of this statement here. Our front office wouldn't be giving out contracts to anyone for the intent to make other clubs doubt our desire to draft OL in the 1st round. Firstly that just seems absurd to even conceive as an idea. But the obvious reason for those contracts with how they are designed is for salary cap management flexibility. Beane seems to understand how much a bad contract can hurt your football team. So he's structured these contracts in a way where we can walk away from these players if they don't pan out & not have to eat dead money at the end of it. He's definitely been focusing on upgrading the line & he's paid those who he needed to like Morse for instance, but for the rest of the guys brought in to compete for spots, if they don't work out then see ya bye bye & we'll upgrade whoever next time. To put it another way, if our front office really wanted to make other teams think we wouldnt draft OL in the 1st round, wouldn't they do the opposite & give out longer contracts to fool everyone like you suggested? Giving shorter contracts means we have less commitment & can walk away from what we currently have. If you have 5 guys signed for long term deals, nobody would expect you to draft OL in the 1st. But if you have only 1 guy signed long term, people would probably expect the opposite. So even if our GM would attempt to do what youre suggesting, how they've done it would be totally backwards from how you'd need to do it. Which they wouldn't do anyways since the goal is improving the depth & competition on the oline. So no i don't see it as posturing at all. Just simply trying to upgrade an area of need & filling holes while not committing ourselves too much in the process. Which imo is really smart & refreshing. But yes if all works out, our offense should be in a much greater position to succeed than it was last year, Allen, McCoy/Gore, everyone. And as for the draft McBeane can draft BPA. Things are looking up for sure
  4. Jerry definitely gets pressure on opposing QB's which is great & what we need, but how many times does he whiff on sacks due to over pursuing or having the qb slip off his arms? This isn't a hate post bcuz i love Jerry, but I still think Jerry loses control of his body sometimes while rushing. So i'd like to see that improve a bit, like he has improved on taking bad penalties & i think his sack numbers will only increase. But I'd have a hard time paying Jerry top end money for an extended contract extension due to his age getting in that zone where a dropoff is expected, coupled with his lack of sacks. Past 3 years he's averaged 5.66 sacks per year... even worse if you go out another year further. So whats that worth you know? Not top end money like what i've seen mentioned
  5. brianthomas

    O Line continuity concerns?

    last thing i want for our o line is continuity from last season. I think thats just about the complete opposite from what you'd want So no its not a concern that we'll have perhaps 4 new starters on our line. Only place to go is up imo
  6. brianthomas

    Theory on Brady’s retirement

    I'd love to see Brady retire, but all his other public statements stating how he intends to play til he's 50, leads me to think otherwise. Brady will retire when his play significantly shows signs of deterioration & he's just not there yet.
  7. brianthomas

    Bills showing interest in Memphis LB Curtis Akins

    Thanks for sharing this clip. Yeah i'm with ya on this one, PLEASE NO haha. Maybe it was just a bad game but his reads were wrong, he took wrong angles in pursuit & looked like he was coasting in pursuit, as if he didn't care at all if he tackled a runner or not. No sense of urgency or aggressiveness, no explosiveness & didn't appear to be strong at the point of attack. There was no attack, just a guy on the field going thru the motions. Watching that clip theres no reason whatsoever where I'd pick his name & say hey, i want to draft that guy. I hope he enjoyed his free meal, but I hope thats the last one on us
  8. brianthomas

    YOLO's Dream comes true, Nick Bosa to the Bills !!

    Yeah with regards to the title, I must admit at 1st I thought the Bills acquired Bosa from the Chargers somehow, since the title says Bosa to the Bills. I clicked open the thread with fevered anticipation, excited to see how in the hell this was even possible, only to discover It was just another thread about hoping the Bills can draft someone. Thread is a bit click baity & probably should be changed. Other thread titles have needed to change for less imo. As for whether we draft Bosa or not, you can make arguments for any of the top prospects since theyre the best of the bunch. I'd be happy with an impact player for our d-line like Quentin Williams or Oliver or trading down to get Fant or Hock & another quality DT/DE. That'd be my dream scenario, but I wont create a thread that says: Williams to the Bills to talk about it, that'd probably give the wrong impression
  9. My only question is why isn't the difference more lopsided in our favor? Buffalo vs Tennessee? Not even close... GO BILLS!
  10. brianthomas

    Was Ryan Groy released?

    Right? Gaethje doing back flips off the top of the octagon is the perfect way to end a fight
  11. brianthomas

    I saw Antonio Brown today urinating on a Bills hat.

    For all you know he was listening to R Kelly while peeing on the Bills hat & it was actually a sign of his affection & love for our team
  12. Idk who made these brackets like this but shame that the Bills & Packers met this round. Would've been a good Superbowl But OP thanks for sharing! GO BILLS!
  13. Here's a video of the Ryan Fitzpatrick Fred Jackson retirement roast for anyone like me who hasnt seen it: Pretty funny indeed
  14. brianthomas

    Trent Murphy probably not going anywhere

    I've never been a fan of us signing him but I'm curious. You said he wasn't himself. My issue with all the money we gave him was that he had 1 good year in his career, with the other seasons being cut short with injuries, which as you know is what happened when he got here as well. So maybe Murphy is just an oft injured DE who can never stay on the field. Or maybe he can put up 9-10 sacks a year. Our GM obviously made the investment hoping he could contribute. Hopefully he can because we surely need him to. But until he does I'll always look at this contract in a negative way, paying $7-8 mil per year for a guy who only plays 40% of the snaps, and thats when he's healthy enuff to do so. Hopefully he has a solid year this year
  15. brianthomas

    [Vague Title] An top OL just became available. Wow

    So many things not to like about the title. 1st off its: 'A top, not an top' 2nd no listing of the name of who youre even talking about & 3rd, Wow is overstating things quite a bit. For those of us who were clickbaited into this thread, seeing its Donald Penn, the soon to be 36 year old OT from Oakland, who by PFF's ratings is a below average tackle at this point in his career, I can't help but feel like we were cheated. I think i'll pass & I bet Beane will too.