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  1. haha. Thats funny & horrible all at the same time! We have ours in the dining room, on top this bookshelf type thing with all sorts of other sports memorabilia so that kinda thing wont happen. But yeah i think they'd still be ok to eat. The flakes themselves would probably just be smaller or more shriveled up & stale. But i wouldnt think they'd be moldy or anything like that. Still stinks that your box was opened... by your mother in law no less. Figures haha.
  2. Before Lamar was drafted, people were questioning his accuracy more so than Allens. Lamar also scored a 13 on the Wonderlic test. Recent Superbowl QBs have an average of 30. A janitor scores roughly a 14. So his score of 13 was pretty abominable. There were red flags to be found with choosing Jackson as your next franchise QB. Not to mention having to create an offense around his abilities to help him succeed. Its no surprise many teams passed on him, including our own. At the end of the day, I'm glad we drafted Allen & that he's progressed this far & I'm happy for Lamar's success in Baltimore. Of course come Sunday i hope he has the worst game of his career!
  3. Sorry but this is such a ridiculous question. The thought of him breaking his contract here, on a team thats pushing for the AFC East title with a solid foundation & plan for future success & instead taking a coaching job in Carolina, where as a franchise is in much worse place overall, is just ludicrous. It just wouldn't happen
  4. I just don't understand why we gave Hausckha a 2 year extension when we had time to make that decision after the season was over. We gave him an $8 million extension & now we're committed to him, unless we eat some dead cap by letting him go. But i just scratch my head at that one, as does everyone else i've talked to about it. There simply wasnt a hurry to extend him & every reason to wait to see how this season turned out. Its not like Hauschka was just gonna turn into a hot commodity & be looking to leave. We had time to go over our options. Hopefully he turns it around in this final stretch. But if he doesn't i hope we can find an upgrade. Our place kicker is a pretty important position for us, given the close nature of a lot of our games.
  5. Gives credit to Allen & the offense for having only 1 turnover the past few weeks, and then goes on to say he believes turnovers are looming. That doesnt even make sense. If we haven't been committing turnovers then they shouldn't be a future worry. Other than in the general sense of always wanting to limit them. And last season Allen was playing back yard football. This year its more of a run & shoot type style, with throwing from the pocket & roll outs. David Carr just got sacked too many times. Sheesh
  6. I still have 5 unopened boxes of Flutie Flakes from back in the day. And a box of Kelly Krunch & 2 boxes of Terrell Owens wheaties lol Why i have no idea. Just never opened them & as time went on it became something ive owned for years
  7. Nick Foles too for our QB. Glad things worked out the way they did.
  8. Nobodies gonna give the Bills respect until we earn that respect. Games like today will help to do that. Happy Thanksgiving indeed
  9. Murphy could receive some double teams bcuz theyre concerned, or in my guess bcuz we're rushing 4 guys & the OLine has to double up someone lol.
  10. Duke injured his shoulder October 20th vs Miami & was sat out of practice & then a limited participant since. Thats what made him inactive Week 7 & 8. But now that he's healthy, we've been going with the speedy guys for more jet sweeps & stuff like that. I have to think he gets activated at some point during this stretch coming up. If he doesn't, i'll take a dump on Daboll's desk & post the picture here on TBD
  11. I was never a fan of the Kroft signing from the get go. just another player added to an ever growing list of players we've added where you can't wait to get rid of. But theres been a role for him this whole time. Its just that he hasn't done anything with it. Knox has been a nice surprise & has stood out from the pack because cmon, it really isn't that hard to do. All you need to do is catch a few passes & you're at the top of the list given the group we have. But Knox has been a godsend. Krofts been out there the past few games but you wouldn't even know it. And only reason we know Smith is out there is from the referee calling his name over & over again. Like others have said, I'd much rather cut back on Smith's snaps & have Sweeney play. He's got good hands & shows a bit of toughness to him. He at the very least isn't invisible out there & will make a play or 2. See what you have with him & move on from Kroft asap.
  12. The deep ball throws are frustrating on all sorts of levels. But its almost as if he's afraid to throw a catchable ball downfield. This season its got to be pretty darn close to every deep throw of 35 yards or more where he overthrows the WR by 5+ yards. Once or twice i'd say he was just over excited or misjudged it. But he misses by too much far too often for it not to be something systemically wrong he's doing with those throws. Only thing that makes sense is that he's too concerned about throwing a pick or something. And thats either from coaching or just whats going on inside his head. But yes, we could use another wr like we could use upgrades at other positions too. And Daboll hasn't been perfect either, but truth is there are wr's open all the time that Allen just doesn't see or he chooses not to throw to. So i'm not one to blame the scheme or Daboll. Its just a matter of dealing with the growing pains with the rawest QB from his draft thats still learning. Even with all that, Allen still put us in a position to win the game & with that, there's still hope. I'm not ready to call him a bust or anything like that yet
  13. You'll still see the occasional Tyrod Taylor wasn't a problem post but thankfully over time those have faded from the board. The more success Josh Allen & our Bills have, the more it'll be faded from our memory too. And yeah i agree, it surely is a great thing!
  14. Now i'm offended... good job guys! Interest in Zach Brown? Hell no. Not to say we don't need help in places thruout our roster. I just envision those holes or upgrades taking place mostly via the draft & off-season.
  15. I think the playcalling has been pretty good by Daboll... Especially considering he's working with a raw talent in Allen & has 2 new WR's & 2, 3 new TE's. The success of our offense hinges on Allen & his ability to execute & on everyone else to catch what he throws. My only complaint was what someone earlier stated, that we didn't run the ball enough. But as for the 1st half sluggishness, I'd put that more on Allen than on the playcalling. 2nd half he & the rest of the team got it done for sure though. I would like them to work on the deep ball & correct whatever reasons we have for not being able to execute on those. You have a QB with one of the top arms in the league & you can't execute any deep balls? Somethings wrong there & needs to be fixed imo.
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