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  1. Sounds good to me! Picture this. Week 6, the Chiefs are playing here Sunday Night & the Bills just scored to go up 42-0. All the fans are howling & barking. Ozzy's: 'Bark at the Moon' blares over the loudspeakers & sends the fans into a frenzy. Then 'Who Let the Dogs Out' comes on & a roar of: 'woof woof woof woof' is heard for miles around the stadium & in living rooms all around the world. haha... I'm pretty much in the 'anything but the whistle' crowd. If it takes your dog Ralphie to do that, send his pictures to One Bills Drive asap!
  2. Anythings possible I just see it as highly unlikely. This isn't political at all, but I don't even see Trump being interested in something like that. He gets pretty sour at people who "beat him" or when he loses something. I can't see him wanting to pay the Pegulas any money or put his name on the stadium period. It just doesn't make much sense on his part.
  3. Yeah & instead of that train whistle blaring over the loud speakers, we could have chants of: 'wax on , wax off, wax on , wax off., with the whole crowd joining in & waxing the car with their hands, kinda like how the Chiefs do their tomahawk chop. Make it happen guys!
  4. I had to snicker at your suggestion but it is pretty clever haha. However if we're gonna name it the Ralph, i'd rather it just be for Ralph Wilson again. But if someone were to reach out to Ralph Lauren about it, I wouldn't be against it.
  5. Yeah that'll never happen. Especially after what happened during his failed bid at buying our team. Spreading fake news about other potential owners planning on moving our team, which were proven to be baseless. He also inflated his wealth & misled officials about his assets in order to get a loan from Deutsche Bank. All of this becoming a significant part of the Michael Cohen investigation. Our county & our owners wouldn't let Trump touch our stadium with a 1,000 mile pole
  6. yep agree on everything u said wholeheartedly... why i was so confused lol. Only caveat to the comparison of where the Jets are in relation to where we were is that they still have Adam Gase as their HC. But their GM Douglas seems to be better than his predecessor (but that isn't too difficult to achieve) haha hopefully we close all of these Tre threads
  7. I didn't think he would either. But after my father brought it up after he saw it on Fox News & Tre talked about how some fans or people said he was being selfish, i got nervous thinking he just might. Either way i respect how difficult a decision is must've been for him & am thankful he decided to play.
  8. Fully agree. Its actually the 1st thing i thought of... ban that guy. Posting that anti Bills trash on here is bad enough, spreading misinformation is even worse. I'd ban in a heartbeat
  9. I'm confused, i said we shouldnt trade Tre & if we did anything we should extend him. Idk why you wrote me a huge post countering me while agreeing with me lol
  10. If the Bills did anything, they should give him a new contract now, with added bonuses to this year, to compensate him for the added risk in playing & to encourage him to play. That's what you do with one of your best players. You don't trade him (like the Jests would), while Tre is on the fence about opting out. Seems to me that trading Tre would be antithetical to how Beane operates... even just thinking about it seems backwards, but jmo.
  11. I'm sure both will be okay. Its a good story involving 2 faces of their franchises. If it happens Week 6 before the Chiefs game, there's gonna be a lot of hype for that game & for the throw off. I doubt either one of them will throw it so hard that they'll risk injury. Its just a playful exhibition between 2 of the leagues young stars. I'm surprised so many are down on this. But i bet when Josh wins all you guys will be cheering & going "Eff yea Josh LETS GO!... GO BILLS!" And if you're not doing that, what is wrong with you?
  12. Yeah because a season where teams are facing even more adversity would somehow be easier to persevere over? Na this sentiment is nonsense to me. If there is any asterisk to this years champion, it should be noted that it was more difficult for a team to win this year, not easier. Whatever team wins the Superbowl, they should be proud that they withstood all the challenges this season appears to have & rose above everyone else to be #1. No reason to have the glass is empty attitude on this one imo.
  13. Beane has a habit of releasing players while also giving them a better shot at finding another team to play for. I think that is part of the reason for why he was released this soon. And personally I think thats a good thing by Beane & i'm sure the players see that & respect that.
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