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  1. Whats better than 1 injury prone TE? 2 injury prone TE's Seriously though... i'll pass
  2. While its easy for us Bills fans to dump on Gronk for all the times he'd own our team, its not his fault we didnt draft him. I always thought the hate towards him was misplaced. We friggin drafted Torell Troupe 1 pick before Gronk went to NE. If anything we shouldve been more livid at our GM than him. Cant blame him for 1 second wanting to make us pay everytime he stepped on the field. Sure you can be pissed at the dirty hit on Tre & heck i was too, it was total bs. But i always thought it was a Billsy fan reaction to hate the guy. Dudes literally said a bunch of times how it was "cool" his hometown passed him twice in the draft & that he remembered it everytime he played us. Its a little different but thank the Gods Khalil Mack doesnt play in our division or he'd be crushing us too. Maybe throwing shade is like an emotional coping response people have to get thru the hard times idk. But anyways thanks for the donation Gronk. Dudes made donations to causes in WNY thruout his career, so its nice to see him still giving back. Its not just the money, its also the attention of him being there that counts.
  3. Yeah this appears bogus. I'm no expert with finding who edited something on Wikipedia, but it appears this user with the name: Qwertyuiopasdfgfdsa edited the page with this info. From the random key pressings of the name, its really a lazy attempt at being a troll tbh. I mean if ur gonna plant fake news, at least make sure ur name doesnt look fake as well.
  4. Yeah i loved watching Kellen Moore's games at The Blue. They'd play later at night so it'd be the best game on & man were those games exciting. The craziest schemes & plays. When they were rolling it was fun to watch. But the NFL? Dude couldnt even hack it as a backup. College production isn't always an indicator of future NFL success. Trying to make a correlation between the 2 is just having too much time on your hands haha.
  5. In todays NFL you see teams valuing the RT position more than in years past. Surely more than in the era when Bruce & Reggie played. Offenses back then put their best tackle in the LT spot. If its the premiere position on the OLine today, it was even more so back then. When you factor in Bruce playing in a 3-4 & going against the best tackles week in & week out, it really is impressive seeing how dominant Bruce was. Its a close call & both are legendary players, but when you compare the 2, you absolutely need to compare their competition & schemes. Reggie had it better on both those fronts imo.
  6. Tu’ikolovatu & Lotulelei, I like it, have fun with that Jim Nantz
  7. 'Don't look now but theres a strange looking guy staring at us, just keep talking & walk this way with me'
  8. It'd be nice if every city in the NFL got a chance to host the draft. Seems only fair & right imo. Every team could showcase the NFL to their cities but also those individual cities would be showcased to the larger NFL audience as well. Its something that makes so much sense, its obviously not the way its done. Better for cities to lobby to the NFL to host the event. I wonder how much money gets thrown around during this selection process. But yeah its cool Cleveland will get a shot to host it. Good for them. Lots of buzz circling around Cleveland these days.
  9. Deane from his pre draft reports is an athletic TE who was pretty productive his senior year at Western Kentucky, 44 catches for 530 yards & 6 tds. Worth a shot imo. Here's another pre draft scouting report:
  10. I kinda have to agree with you here. I wasnt thrilled with the Kroft signing in the 1st place & I definitely was against signing Murphy. We had/have the cap space to blow i suppose, but we've committed good money to players who so far have struggled to stay on the field. Kroft very well could come back in 3 months, but who's to say his foot is gonna be any stronger than it was before? If anything one could presume it'd be worse off, after breaking it again, (in a non contact environment no less). Really wish we went after someone else to begin with. But since we own Kroft for awhile, I wish him a speedy recovery & hope for the best like always lol. It'll be interesting to see if Beane does his due diligence & plans for the worst & targets Rudolph or another TE.
  11. I havent read the article but I would think they respect our fans & even how hard our team plays them. They may even show us respect because they respect every team they play enough to play them hard week in & week out. Not sleeping on an opponent is maybe 1 way they've continued to beat the teams they were supposed to beat. They've been THE team to beat for the past decade. They're professional & a team like that should respect other teams their playing, we should too. In my opinion I don't make much of Waddle's statement, other than it makes sense that they would respect us to some degree.
  12. The evidence being the acquisitions of Frank Gore, TJ Yeldon & drafting Devin Singletary in the 3rd round surely show a change of philosophy to becoming a passing team? Not to mention picking up a couple tight ends known for their blocking? Seriously I don't think you can say our team is heavily favored in 1 direction over the other. With signing Beasley & Brown, it just looks like we want to have a well rounded offense & surround Josh Allen with whoever can help him. But if i had to say 1 way or the other as far as the balance of our offense, we look to be focused on running the ball 1st more than anything. But it will be a balanced attack imo.
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