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  1. Ive been in favor of college OT rules forever now. Pretty much anything other than a coin flip deciding who gains possession & who has the higher probability of scoring 1st from that coin flip.
  2. great write up on the Bills D. I wasn't aware of how many different stat lines we're in the top part of the league in. And best part about it, our defense is still coming together & learning & getting better, working as 1 cohesive unit. They're gonna be dominant for years to come. It's pretty exciting!
  3. I can't see it happening... at least not yet. He hasn't been successful enough to stand out versus other coordinators out there. But more importantly imo, he grew up a Bills fan, graduated from St Francis. I can't imagine him leaving his dream of coaching for the Bills prematurely to coach the Redskins of all teams. I guess theres always the lure of multi millions but i can't see that happening from Washingtons side, not for him. When its unlikely from both sides perspective, you know you've been click baited
  4. Name recognition, playing on national tv, his impact on shutting down the leagues most potent offense & upsetting the most hyped team right now. All things that probably factored in.
  5. For as highly as we Bills fans view Barkley, as much for some to say we could get a 2nd for him. Multiple NFL publications online consistently rate Barkley & the Bills backup situation as one of the worst in the league. So while we might place him in high standing, the NFL pundits surely don't seem to view him in that regard. Just a few sources: https://www.fanduel.com/theduel/posts/5-worst-qb-situations-in-the-nfl-heading-into-the-2019-season-01djzqqd49t7 https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2841804-ranking-every-nfl-teams-backup-qb-situation#slide1 https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/nfl/2019/09/25/nfl-backup-qb-rankings-teams-jets-cowboys-giants/2360551001/ I could post more lol
  6. I wish i had some video editing skills, i'd place an image of Duke Williams in this. The Duke has ARRIVED!
  7. I agree some more deep shots down the field would help. But during the Pats game, Allen was looking for deeper shots downfield, holding on to the ball trying to do too much & our offense got eaten alive. Once Daboll got Allen to throw on rhythm with 3 step drops on precision plays, the offense started rolling & we were way more successful moving the ball. This season Allen seems to perform better with the precision routes than the hero ball style of play. Perhaps Daboll can work in more play action deeper down the field. Because those deep routes do help to open things up. But with the injuries to our Oline, depending on their severity, that may limit how long Allen has back there to work deeper down field. With so many new faces to this offense, it was always gonna be a work in progress. I think we just need to be patient as things come together & be thankful we're 4-1
  8. What a gutsy win by both sides of the ball today! Duke Williams, congrats on ur 1st NFL TD, may you get many more! Now with the bye we can get our guys healed up. We're 4-1 baby!
  9. If Allen was the type of QB to take a 3 step drop & get the ball out on time, people here would be saying how great the Oline is. But because of this past game, where Allen didnt take what the defense was giving him & he held on to the ball too long, people over react a bit & ask if Jordan Mills would be better. No, he wouldnt be. Mills would get pushed back on the 1st step of that drop. Not to say we don't need to improve our oline, but we all knew that going into this season.
  10. game plan & play calls have been adequate, the execution not so much. But in theory as your 2nd year QB learns that should improve, along with the chemistry with the wrs as well. There were plays to be made out there today, they just didnt execute them
  11. We couldve won this game We shouldve won this game If we just played composed, mistake free football, we wouldve won this game. Penalties, turnovers, missed field goal, going for it on 4th & goal & not kicking a field goal. Any one of those can cost you a game vs a team like the Pats, and we did all of that. And our QB1 was knocked out of the game & we lost by 6. We shouldve won this game. It is what it is.
  12. Duke made plays in preseason. Duke makes plays in practice. Duke will make plays on Sundays. Sometimes you need a taller WR who can make the contested catch Just do it.
  13. Try a Chiavetta's martini It actually tastes pretty good the 1st sip, but then you burp & it hits ya
  14. Oliver wasnt hyped up as Aaron Donald, it was said he had Aaron Donald tendencies (could be compared to). Aaron Donald is such a beast & dominant player, that not even Aaron Donald would be compared to Aaron Donald if he were being drafted. Dude is just that good. On a side note, its a good thing we drafted him instead of an offensive guy, bcuz we'd really be screwed right now with Harrison Phillips injured. I like Ed & think he's been solid & cant wait to see what he turns into.
  15. Wade sounds good on 1 level, but bad on another. In such a big game if youre the coach, i don't think you want to bring in a player as raw as him, with zero regular season game experience, to play vs the Patriots in such a huge game. It just doesnt sound like something he'd want to do. But we definitely shouldn't & cant go into this game with just Gore & Yeldon. A strong running game will be key to our success & Gore could get injured, Yeldon could have fumbleitis or we just need that change of pace back that can add some speed & shiftiness back there. I'd be surprised if we don't have Devin or someone else named to play soon.
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