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  1. right now we have Shakir, we're fine right now. But it'd be wise to look ahead for more depth in case God's forbid any more injuries strike.
  2. Sucks for Crowder but its an opportunity for someone else. OBJ realistically in play potentially now?
  3. I actually think the ball control was designed to help out the defense from being on the field too long. As being down 5 starters & in a worse off position than the offense, all of us going into the game figured it'd be the defense that would be in trouble. So it appeared to my crowd of people watching the game that we were smart to do that. And it would've worked had Josh & the gang just executed the plays they ordinarily would make. Not directing this at you or even about this topic, but after a tough loss almost everyone over reacts to everything. Josh doesnt fumble so close to the end zone. Gabe catches his TD, McKenzie catches his, Bass makes his fg, put another play here too if u want, point is any one of those we execute & we're all singing a different tune. GO BILLS
  4. Close games are always tough. Especially when Josh misses a TD to McKenzie he usually makes 10/10 times, or any of the other plays that couldve impacted this game. Fact is we played a good team on a short week with half our starting defense out & with dealing with the heat & officiating & injuries, we still can say we shouldve won this game. I mentioned this to a friend earlier how it feels like it takes something dramatic to beat us. Whether it be those 13 seconds or a game like today. We are an extremely difficult team to play against & Miami had the football Gods in their favor today & we barely lost a close one on the road at the end. Not gonna overreact to this one. It wouldve been easy for our team to pack it in & make excuses, but they fought til the end, til the point of exhaustion. Hard loss to take but i appreciate the effort & heart from our guys today.,
  5. From what i've heard, after last week's game ended players started getting IV treatments to prepare. The team brought down airconditioned benches i heard too mentioned during the game. Idk how much else we could've done. The heat is hot, its just like that lol. Thankfully there wont be many more games the heat is an issue.
  6. Josh would stiff arm Chucky in the face & toss him to the ground like the old man he is today. I dont care how much kung fu he knew back in the day, Josh would wreck him agree 100%
  7. Only thing that can beat us at this point is ourselves imho. And with that i mean injuries or just turnovers & penalties & undisciplined play. Something i wouldnt really expect from the group of guys we have & coaching staff. This Title is OURS!!! Really trying to temper my excitement though but why should I have to? Lets enjoy the ride because it appears this team is special
  8. if we lose the coin toss i want to see us do an onsides kick to start the game. If we get the 1st possession i want to see a flea flicker & bomb to anyone... im not greedy
  9. they're just not ready for any loud music by female artists. I hope it doesnt become an issue.
  10. When's the last time we had a bonafide premiere talent on the edge? Mario WIlliams? Bruce? Its gonna be something else watching our front 4 wreak havoc on olines. Cant wait to see how it affects the rest of our D
  11. Martin or Kern, get er done. We'll get 1 of those 2 im sure. Good to see there was really nothing to worry about. Still some upgrades from Haack available
  12. Cant really imagine why a bunch of alpha males playing a violent sport wouldnt be listening to Taylor Swift, i mean cmon
  13. anyone who does fantasy football knows how poorly Kenny G's career has gone in recent times. IF we wanted to pick up a wr, wouldnt OBJ be cheaper from an asset & cost perspective? And with a better pedigree of work, without the injury concern & high price tag? Never against trying to make the roster better but dont think KG is the one for us imho
  14. Beane once got the 1st pick of the 3rd round for Tyrod Taylor... Tyrod Taylor haha Ford & AJ & Crowder should net us a couple 2nd's easy i know it wont be easy but he once got a 3rd for Tyrod.... In Beane i trust!
  15. 5 pages & i dont think this has been mentioned yet (surprisingly) but it looks like the package hit Josh's package too, adding insult to near injury lol Fans seriously need to check themselves & not act like idiots. Josh's balls are precious
  16. stupid me thought someone bought a new jersey. Cuz who would actually have fun in New Jersey?
  17. We're in a great position where we dont need Slayton, but if anyone ever were to miss significant time, then someone like Slayton would be a decent last minute stop gap. But outside of that, our team is just in a different place right now. In 2018-19, this would make sense, but 2022 i dont really see the need nor our desire for someone like him. Its one of the deeper position groups we have. Still, i'm confident Beane & Company would look into it if they felt it could improve our team somehow.
  18. If theres a stream i'll have it. I can dm you if i find one. I havent even looked yet
  19. I liked the part where she starts crying & says: "But you're a black man approaching a white woman". think that comment by Karen says what this is all about.
  20. Can Edmonds even stay healthy? Seems every year he's missing games for this or that. I too like Big Turk just said, prefer Cook over Chase anyways. I think he offers a more dynamic dimension to his game & is many years younger too. Just a lot more upside to his game than what Edmonds can be & for us I think a better fit.
  21. Why do this to ourselves? We spent years debating whether Tyrod was the problem with our offense or if we just sucked. Answer was all the above. Tentative Tyrod with his low risk play did add some stability to the position. He always seemed like a class act, was humble, a hard worker & all around team guy. The kind of guy who was easy to root for, its just that it rarely if ever was for his play on the field. We surely didn't lose because of him out there, rarely ever won because of him either.
  22. All he does is catch TD's, doesn't matter the QB, the team or the league... The Duke? The Duke of New York, A-Number-1, the Big Man, that's who! I'll forever be thankful for the pages of forum threads he gave us. And this thread very well could be the last one we ever get of him. So do you Duke Williams & thanks for the memories
  23. i think we're all feeling that if the team doesnt take a step forward this season it will be a failure or underachievement. I think thats safe to say.
  24. so this means that maybe 1-2 years from now Baker will be Josh's backup?
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