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Dolphins @ Bengals - TNF Game Thread


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9 minutes ago, What a Tuel said:

So we are talking about Tua and a concussion, is this still because we lost last week or is it because it is obvious they bypassed protocol and didnt really care about his health.


The latter. I was looking forward to stomping him and Miami in Buffalo later this season but who knows if he'll even play again this year.

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1 minute ago, Breakout Squad said:

I hope Tua is fine and recovers. I never like seeing that. All I can do is hope everyone stays healthy. Maybe I’m getting soft but I hate seeing injuries. 


I don't think it's soft at all.  This is a brutal game, and players need to be taken care of. So many players I watched growing up have had shortened lives, or severe injuries that impact quality of life.  This league needs to take seriously its responsibility to protect its players (as best they can in such a violent sport.)

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3 minutes ago, Nextmanup said:

This is almost certainly related to last week!  And if someone can show that somehow (might be difficult) I would think heads will roll.  The entire protocol process might be changed.


The moment he did that weird hand stuff (tonight) you know it's head trauma...and the fact that was concussed THAT EASILY shows you he had recent head trauma.

We all said he shouldn't have played in our game, and he probably shouldn't have been playing tonight!  


We just saw why.




I agree completely..


To say that his injury last week was a back injury was ludicrous... we all saw his groggy reaction when he got up last week..


I honestly hope the guy has no permanent issues, but if the players cannot be protected by their teams and medical staff then its only a matter of time before something really bad happens.. ( if Tua is hopefully ok this time..)




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Just now, Since1981 said:

You’d never play your daughter or son concussed on Monday and again on Thursday. Yep, he’s paid but it’s bs talk that they protect or lie. Dude couldn’t walk 3 days ago. 

I literally wrote something like that in the GDT for our game, saying he should NEVER have been allowed to play again in that game after exhibiting head trauma like that.

Since then, I have learned that there is literally a rule saying you CANNOT return to the game if you exhibit signs of head trauma, which he clearly did.


That's why Miami had to invent the story of it being his "neck" and not walking around punch drunk with noodle legs.


Look at how easy he got dinged up tonight!  That's why you don't play when you have recently suffered head trauma.



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1 minute ago, Comebackkid said:

hard to say..back and neck nerves are wierd...if it does have to do with that.   i didnt think it looked like his head it the turf that hard this week or last.   makes me wonder what is past is for concussions

The Milano hit on Tua was clean. When Tua fell down the back of his head clearly hits the turf. Clear as day. A hit that hard on concrete with 'turf' = concussion for most guys. It was literal head to turf.

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