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Update: Xavier Rhodes signed by Bills

Steel City Mafia

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5 minutes ago, BillsFanForever19 said:

I'm all for Rhodes coming in. Though I wonder who would get released looking at the roster right now? Baylon Spector? Brandin Bryant if either Ed Oliver and/or Jordan Phillips is ready to come back?

Sign him to the PS and call him active if Dane or Benford can't play this week.

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1 hour ago, BarleyNY said:

. I doubt that Edmunds would simply restructure and add void years. Why would he? His agent would insist on a new, long-term contract with a lot of guaranteed money. It would add cap space this season, but would definitely hamper the Bills with other contracts next offseason. 


I know, that's why I said it's never really been done before.  It would only be a good will thing.


As to going forward with any other restructures, I think Beane will be as frugal as he can and only do things to contracts if he needs to.

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6 hours ago, FrenchConnection said:

I don’t understand how this stuff works, but the Bucs added Beasley to their PS and immediately elevated him.

When the Bucs signed Beasley they weren't t sure they had an immediate need. But then injuries hit and Evans got suspended creating a need. Bills pretty much have an OL need,and probably will sign a DB  

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7 hours ago, GolfandBills said:

Because they can sign him to the PS and elevate him for a few weeks until guys get back.  Every team does this during the season. No need to sign him to the 53

They probably  need a CB THIS week. Can always use him until Jackson, White return.  Then cut him or use him to replace somebody else. 

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