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2nd and GOAL at the 1


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The team couldn't handle the heat.  Amusingly, all the long drives - normally great to weaken the D - took a toll on the offense in the heat.  So many players on their knees, out with heat exhaustion, etc.  Miami won with their home field advantage.

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4 minutes ago, KDIGGZ said:

Yes it deserves its own thread. You have a few inches to go and you are in SHOTGUN? Of course the result of the play is a loss of 2 close to 3 and they need to throw at that point. Discuss

Can't run to the middle in shotgun vs goal line defense.  Just can't. 

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4 minutes ago, GunnerBill said:

Yep. True. Bad call. But even after that Josh has Isaiah wide open for a touchdown. 


Too many mistakes. Players and coaches. But offensive line again is the theme that stands out


Agreed on the O line.  They were under fire the entire game (even without the heat-related injuries).  This just felt like one of those games where it wasn't clicking.  I think this could be another game like the first Patriots game last year, where when they watch the film, they'll see how much they left on the field.  Hopefully this is an early-season galvanizing point.

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Just now, boco357 said:

The bad snaps forced their hand


yup typically I would agree, last week I was screaming for QB sneaks. Twice they fumbled snaps under center including one that cost us a chance at 3 points. People would be moaning if Allen fumbles there and the Dolphins recover

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3 minutes ago, Jerboski said:

Those calls were absolutely atrocious 

go under center and sneak the damn ball it works 80% of the time 


just ridiculous 

just 4 times in a row and I couldn’t fault the play call - it’d be all the players at that point 

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5 minutes ago, ToGoGo said:

The truth is the Dolphins have a (in my opinion) incredibly unethical advantage with the sunlight hitting the road team. 


Incrediblely bad sportsmanship by the city and team. 

That's called home field advantage. 

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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