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    Todays game is a good ex to not pass on Oliver if avaiable

    In a perfect world, yes. This FO has invested too many resources on Allen and need to get him help to see if he can be the guy ASAP. The Jets were desperate for a QB and the Colts got a great haul. Teams will probably not be willing to pay that high a price for a non-QB though. In the scenario where a trade down doesn't materialize however, you don't pass up on an elite talent like Bosa for example for an inferior offensive prospect.
  2. Mikie's Bills

    Tank.....just tank.....

    Not sure I agree with that, not yet at least. The prior regime did a better job of creating/coaching up quality depth imo. Our previous WR core was at one point Watkins/Woods/Goodwin/Hogan/Harvin. With prime Shady and a great #2 in Gillislee in the backfield. Groy stepped right in for Wood after his injury and the line didn't miss a beat. Heck even Kouandjio held his own filling in for Glenn for a handful of games in 2016. The defense had depth and talent too but Rex was just an idiot. Gilmore/Darby/Robey are all starting elsewhere, Bradham/Brown/Dareus as well. Beane has prioritzed bringing in his own guys like KB/Tolbert/Ducasse and it really hasn't worked out. This offseason is obviously huge for this regime. They (should) have a high pick at the beginning of every round and lots of cap space. Need to add a lot of talent and do everything they can to develop Allen.
  3. Mikie's Bills

    Tank.....just tank.....

    They are tanking. That was their plan ever since they got here and traded away talent and down in the draft (passing on Mahomes and Watson in the process) for more draft picks. Just happened to overachieve last year. This team needs to just bottom out at this point. The talent deficit is just too great, especially on the offensive side of the ball.