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  1. Let's stick to the game plan. One game at a time.
  2. Obviously, Josh's competitive drive is what separates him from most other QBs and players in the league for that matter. That desire to win at no cost is the great intangible that teams can't defend against. As Josh even states, he'll do anything for his team to keep a drive going, score or win. Hurdle players, truck players or even drag a pile. If, as Josh says, he'll do anything to help the team win. Shouldn't that be running the ball less to help the team down the road? Obviously he does his team no good on the sidelines. There's 16 games left and if he keeps running the way he does, he's putting his team at risk. So the big question, if Josh really wants to stick to his approach and really help the team, shouldn't he be running much less to help his team in the long run. I say this as a lifelong fan going back to the Ferguson days. Like a lot us, I've seen the dark days and am always worried something bad is going to happen. It's a bit of a conundrum, and ultimately Josh is going to do what he's going to do, but wouldn't really be helping the team by not putting himself at risk?
  3. NYC was blacked out on NFL Network for some reason. Even though it was listed on my proved as Bills Broncos, they had Colts game. Had to watch on Apple TV. NFL Network can't be trusted.
  4. That's a college football spread. I never bet against the Bills so I'm abstaining next week.
  5. Grammar lessons badly needed for both the Comebackkidd and the writer of the article.
  6. As a lifelong Bills fan and someone who does this for a living, this looks very disappointing. Just for reference I did the Bills Snickers spot with Marv, Jimbo, Bruce and Thurman. And have shot with numerous other NFL players. Not too mention a couple of Buffalo Wild Wings spots (sorry, not proud of that). What looks like a turd and smells like a turd, in al likelihood is a turd. #17 deserves better than this. It will come this year.
  7. Agreed. And the first drop wasn't his fault. He was arm barred and couldn't get his second hand up to the ball.
  8. Well there goes 1:38 of my life that I won't get back. That was horrible in each and every way. And who designed this crap. The helmets look like WWII GI helmets with earholes in the sides. If you're going to do it, do it right. But other than that how was the show Mrs. Lincoln?
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