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  1. I think gangreen fans also forget that in the last game the Bills basically benched the whole team.
  2. I hope it isn’t just the Jets wanting to pick his brain about the Bills playbook as the Bills have the same offensive coordinator 3rd year in a row.It is actually weird typing that and shows one of the reasons the Bills have become solid...Go Bills!!
  3. So as a kid I was always pissed that Ronnie Harmon didn’t catch what I thought was a easy catch the 2nd to last play before Jim Kelly threw the game ending interception. Last night after all these years I rewatched the 1989 divisional playoff game in its entirety on Youtube and I had totally forgotten that on the previous td Scott Norwood slipped on his butt and missed the extra point to put the Bills behind by 4 points instead of 3 with like 3 minutes to go.So Norwood basically screwed up badly two years in a row😢😢
  4. Don’t we also have Christian Wade this season?
  5. I still remember in 2000 when we cut Bruce Smith,Andre Reed and Thurman Thomas all on the same day😢😢😢😢😢😢😢 Then had the pain to watch Bruce and Andre sign with the Skins and puke 😡Thurman Thomas with the Fisheys😡😡 so it is about time New England fans feel some sorrow for a change.
  6. As soon as he signs with Tampa the next TB press conference should be also we just traded Mike Evans to the Bills for a first round pick and Trent Murphy😜
  7. This one makes me sick to my stomach😢So Kyler Murray gets a star receiver in only his second year.Not cutting on David Johnson, but star wide receivers are way harder to get than runningbacks😢😢😢
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