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  1. Palmer please teach him to tuck and hold the ball if he is on designed running plays
  2. Not true mlb suspended George steinbrenner owner of the Yankees.It was because Steinbrenner was suspended that the Yanks were able to build their late 90’s dynasty.Gene Michaels made very shrewd trades like the Paul O’neil trade...Johnny Bench is still banned and he was a house hold name...
  3. I wish they would take into consideration how many drops receivers have when rating quarterbacks
  4. I know it kinda blows that we could end up 12-4 and be a wildcard team.Maybe that is what it will take to teach a young team like this the importance of winning your division...GO BILLS!!!
  5. It is at the very least great motivation to have this team play their best football in December.You never know what can happen.Even the 5th seed playing K.C won’t seem so scary if the Bills are peaking right about playoff time.It would be a cinderella story to see the Bills as a wildcard playoff team go in and beat K.C and maybe even knock off the Pats to go to the superbowl. In reality I would be happy with one playoff win.That would leave this team very hungry next season to take the next step with 10 draft picks,80 million in cap space and a 3rd year quarterback ready for his big leap forward...GO BILLS!!
  6. run the ball when on offense,stop the run when on defense!!
  7. Is this like the 4th time this year that the Bills special teams did not pay attention to details?😡😡😡
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