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  1. What are the practice squad poaching rules? Like can Christian Kirksey get poached on us?Or are we given some time to get him up to speed?
  2. I don’t know if I am remebering this wrong.But at the time I thought Jason Peters main beef was the Bills wanted to pay him like a tightend like they drafted him and not left tackle money that they were asking him to play? As soon as we traded him to Philly they instantly paid him left tackle money…Bills in my opinion definately mismanaged contracts back then.Esp paying Marcell Darius big money to be a defensive tackle.
  3. I’m pretty sure it took Andy Reid a while.He went to a bunch of championship games and lost.
  4. I think I will trust whoever Mcdermott picks to be the number two corner.Since Mcdermott got here the Bills have had a pretty good secondary.
  5. Do we get a injury exemption on the salary cap this season for non football injury?
  6. Well Josh Jacobs has missed 6 starts.Saquon Barkley has missed 17 starts.He averages 12 games a season. I don’t see the “oft injued runninbacks” offering to put in their contracts that they won’t take any pay when they are not available to play.At some point availabilty is just as important as stats are.GO BILLS!!
  7. I would love to have me another Josh Allen on the team!!! i was at that game in Jacksonville two seasons ago when Josh Allen was sacking Josh Allen.
  8. I have no problem with the 90’s unis as a throwback,but absolutely love the current uniforms.I think they are the classiest in all of football.
  9. I don't think getting a extra low 6th round pick was worth giving up a near the top of the 5th round pick.
  10. I say let miami bring the best heaters they can because it will be so cold on the field they will be thinking more about getting to that heater on the sodelines than playing hardnosed football.I could see Dolphins players bow out a lil easier n just want to be next to the heat.
  11. I guess Cole Beasley aint that easy to replace😜I seem to remember last season a bunch of posters saying get rid of him and let Mckenzie take over his spot.Plus the Jet we signed to replace Cole was dropping passes like crazy till he got hurt too…
  12. I love being 10-3.The Jets had a awesome draft and are a very tough team.To be where we are with the injuries our squad has had this season is amazing…We lost 3 hames two by a field goal and one by a point.that is 7 points total…i know the vikings game i was screaming at the tv to kick the field goal.
  13. Almost wish Buffalo would just stay in Detroit and pracice there with the short week and all
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