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  1. Tough to disagree with much. The usual suspects on the O-line struggled and it was a tough match-up for certain members on the defense. Neal was matched up a lot with Kelce for some reason and got cooked, was called for penalties, and he missed the tackle on JuJu's TD which is why his score is so low I imagine. Mahomes threw for 330 so there were bound to some DBs that got below average scores like Dane. Kelce got the better of Milano on a few plays and he missed a few tackles in general, but I would say he still played well and made a few huge key plays. Not sure if PFF grades on a curve or not where different time and situation plays get weighted more heavily than others.
  2. Thought Hamlin played well yesterday. He keeps it up and he could be the starting safety next year. Jaquon just doesn't have the speed for the position to be a starter, more of a situational in the box safety, but we don't use that type of player often.
  3. That's only if you're going to the ground you have to maintain control. There is not a predetermined amount of time you must control the ball on a TD catch because then it becomes too subjective- (ie. 0.5 sec? 1 sec? the amount of time it takes to hand the ball to the ref, etc. doesn't matter). And plus, even though it doesn't require a football move, the act of Gabe tucking it away does constitute making a football move according to the rulebook. Again, unless there is a change in the rule since then, I don't see how the first play in this vid is a TD and Gabe's is not. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MvppdpTQC4U&t=16s&ab_channel=AndyProvin
  4. I mean he catches it with two hands and tucks it away, two feet in bounds. And only after that it is knocked away. Not sure how much more he could do short of making a football move that doesn't need to be made. Starting to be more and more convinced it's a TD.
  5. At mid-field a football move needs to be made. I don' t think that is the case in the endzone, because a "football move" is related to advancing the ball, which obviously doesn't apply in the endzone. Would have been worth the challenge I think, as others have pointed out there are examples of plays where two feet and possession have been enough to rule a TD.
  6. Do you need to make a "football move" when you catch a ball in the endzone?
  7. Everytime I see something similar to this it reminds me of a TD pass Trent Edwards threw to Michael Gaines (maybe it was his first NFL TD?). Gaines catches it and then it's immediately knocked out of his hands. Maybe they've changed the rules since then, but if they didn't I can definitely see the Davis non TD being overturned. First play in this video is what I'm referring to:
  8. I think being on the 3rd string C played a role in the playcall. C/QB exchange has been shaky under C without Morse
  9. Looking at the forecast they are calling for a chance of rain/thunderstorms in Miami in 9 out of the next 10 days? lol https://weather.com/weather/tenday/l/Miami+FL?canonicalCityId=c9d07351a6bbc498786bf52814f07b68fe43a40bfd634facef3db6b459321c41
  10. They were getting decent pressure on Allen in the first quarter and a half. Then Bud Dupree got injured and they decided to blitz instead of letting Allen sit back there all day and pick them apart. Which is why Allen's time to throw was still pretty low at 2.6 sec. Kind of a no win situation for them with the injuries to their edge rushers and secondary.
  11. If they're both out, will be interesting if they go with 3 DTs and 5 DEs this game (Jones/Phillips/Bryant & Von/Rousseau/Basham/AJE/Shaq) where Shaq/Boogie play DT on passing downs, or if they call up Bryant and one of Emili/Brewer from the PS and go 4DT/4 DE. The first option is the most talented, the 2nd may make the most sense based on the opponent.
  12. Starting to get more and more attention in the national media. I think in the regular season they should do away with the designed runs. We can go without those 4-5 plays a game where it is basically a given he's going to get hit. Save that for the playoffs. The scrambles I'm fine with unless they're up by 2-3 scores in the 4th (like they were in the first game). He's going to do this regardless so there's no point in trying to stop it. All we can do is hope he does his best to avoid big unnecessary hits as much as possible.
  13. Worst case scenario if both Oliver and Settle are out, call up Bryant, Shaq dresses. Boogie/Shaq play DT on passing downs. Not ideal vs this team but if we're as good as we think then should still be able to pull out a win.
  14. Yeah, he was playing a lot until it was 31-10. Rams ran a total of 21 plays the last 2 drives and don't think he was on the field for any of them (not sure if someone can confirm?) Rams ran 67 plays total. Ran 46 on offense before it became a 31-10 game. 35/46= 76% of snaps Von played up till that point. Good news is that hopefully we blow out a lot of teams this year. No reason for him to play more than 50% of snaps vs teams like the Jets, Bears, Lions, etc. Edit: He did play a bit on the 2nd last drive by looking at the highlights. Was in on at least some of the 3rd and 4th down plays. So that brings it down to 66% which seems more reasonable than 76.
  15. The ideal alternate timeline is where JD McKissic signs with the money we signed OJ for. I wonder who we would've drafted in Round 2 instead of Cook. Assuming OL, looking at the board at who was available. OJ was done in TB, never expected much from him.
  16. Bills O-line ranked 17th by ESPN entering the season, which seems about right. https://www.espn.com/nfl/insider/insider/story/_/id/34298735/projecting-nfl-best-worst-offensive-lines-ranking-all-32-teams-pass-run-block-win-rates-2022
  17. Would help having him for the stretch run. Lacking depth on the outside
  18. Agreed, this is the same situation as the Sanders deal last year, where he basically turned into a pumpkin after Halloween. At least then they had a guy like Davis come on at the end of the year to replace the production, but behind Saffold right now is Boetgger coming off an Achilles and Ford who sucks. They are relying on Saffold to play well and be available, which is not a given at all at this point in his career. Surprised they didn't add any more depth.
  19. Pretty simple, Kujo wasn't bad in pass pro, which is what you want from a LT. He did well when on the field, a lot better than Ford at a more important position. As others have said, his health concerns were his main issue.
  20. I think they hang onto Moss and use him in primarily short yardage situations in the reg season. Hopefully his lack of vision is less of an issue with the new Oline scheme and he can shoulder the wear and tear Josh has been taking in these situations in the past.
  21. Kujo was actually pretty solid in spot duty when he played I thought, just was never healthy. Just looked up his PFF stats and found the following: https://www.pff.com/news/pro-bills-release-offensive-tackle-cyrus-kouandjio Ford on the other hand is just plain bad. The Washington game last year was the worst performance by any Bill lineman I can remember.
  22. Hoping Baker shows up on the first day on Mini Camp with a T-shirt that says "I believe sexual assault victims" for maximum drama
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