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2022 MVP: Mahomes wins. Allen gets 1 vote? (42 TDs, 19 TOs, 315 YPG & 63.3%% Comp %--EOY talk 54+)


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2 hours ago, BillsFan619 said:

The title isn't a shocker because many are on the "JA is MVP" train.


But, there was something he said that was crazy. He said that JA himself has more offensive production than FIFTEEN teams in the NFL. If Jeff Saturday is correct, that's about half of the NFL teams in the whole league. To put it into context, that's pretty much a whole conference worth of teams. That's scary good. JA has ALL of our TDs at 12. He's averaging 352.5 total yards per game. Again, amazing.


I tried to find a succint clip about what Jeff Saturday said but it's lost in a ten minute clip. Sorry about that, ladies and gents.


I've said this to my kids recently. JA has been great for a few years now. So, it's something we're used to. That said, every time I think he can't impress anymore, he has a throw, an escape, a juke, a stiff arm, a hurdle, etc. where he leaves you amazed and impressed all over again.


Let's go, Josh. Get us to 4-1 tomorrow heading into the Chiefs game. The game where you'll show everyone that you're the MVP candidate over Patrick "Kermit" Mahomes.


Go JA! Go Bills!


Edit - @PrimeTime101, like I mentioned in the post, it's in a ten minute clip not a succint clip. That said, here's the link. It starts at about the 7 minute and 20 second mark.




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On 10/6/2022 at 4:07 PM, mjt328 said:

At his current pace, Josh Allen would finish the season with just under 6000 total yards (5991) and 51 touchdowns.


The yardage record is currently Drew Brees with 5562.  

The touchdown record is currently Peyton Manning with 56.  


So he would break the yardage record, and be tied for 4th on the touchdown list.


Considering he will probably sit Week 17, I think we can all agree he needs to pickup the pace.  😁



Well week 17 should not count anyways.

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4 hours ago, Gene1973 said:

Allen needs to have big numbers today, and no TO's. Then he has to follow that up wth a win in KC to be considered in the MVP lead.

From what I see around the webs, Allen is already considered the MVP lead. Obviously, it's early and he needs to keep playing well.

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  • transplantbillsfan changed the title to 2022 MVP: Mahomes wins. Allen gets 1 vote? (42 TDs, 19 TOs, 315 YPG & 63.3%% Comp %--EOY talk 54+)

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