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Von Miller’s Letter to Buffalo


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At about 2:30 in the video when they showed all our fans, it started getting REALLY HEAVY.


Going back to the Kyle Brandt topic and the discussion of bandwagon jumpers and Johnny-come-latelys, I feel the same way about players (whether it's Von Miller or OBJ) as I do about fans... anyone who wants in on the Bills quest for glory is welcome. We should embrace those who want to share our love of the Bills.

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What an inspiring and hear felt message.  I am so moved and touched by the words he said and how he understands the past, respects the attempts and appreciates the path his teammates have laid out.


Thank you Von Miller, you touched the deepest layer of my soul as I 56 yr Bills fan.


May you receive all you have asked for and enjoy your third ring

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8 minutes ago, Royale with Cheese said:

Then you can put their tooth back in after you knock it out.  


It’s actually part of a new marketing plan with help out of NYC. 



I think. 


I thought it was going to be a semi-horrible Von Miller hype bit, but the Marketing folks did a nice job. It got me worked up, and I’ve shared it all over! 



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His 3rd love letter in a year!  


Here's his love letter to the Rams:


“I’ve been wearing blue and orange forever, (so) everything just looks weird, but it feels extremely right," Miller said. "Feels right to be here. Feels like this is the right thing for me. (No.) 40 looks weird, but it feels right. Being here with all these guys, it’s really a dream come true, man. (Denver) definitely did me right by sending me to such a legendary franchise with a legendary team.”

Miller and Donald are two of the greatest pass rushers of their generation, and they'll team up for at least the rest of this season in a partnership with the potential to reconfigure the NFC race. While the Rams have taken statistical steps back after fielding the league's best defense last season, sending Miller after quarterbacks alongside Donald and Leonard Floyd adds new dimensions to a unit that already leads the NFL with 25 sacks.

“I feel like it frees us all up,” Miller said. “They’ll try to figure out creative ways to triple-team and double-team, but it can’t possibly be that effective. We’ve got great coaches. We’ve got great guys playing on this team, and we’ll be able to figure it out. ... You hear stories of the Fearsome Foursome, you hear stories of this legendary defense, and we want to recreate that. They’ve been playing great defense all year. I just want to add some of the things that I do best.”

“I’ve heard stories on how incredible it is, and how the Super Bowl is going to be there this year,” Miller said. “Hopefully that will be us playing there.”

“We’re playing,” Miller said, “for a chance to go to football heaven.”


And to the Broncos:



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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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