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  1. No, I thought the topic was something that merited discussion and if you don’t like it, don’t respond.
  2. Watching the game yesterday and taking note of Tremaine Edmunds and Jordan Poyer absence I have this thought. The Steelers were able to be fairly successful throwing the ball yesterday and to be honest I felt the absence of Edmunds was a major cause of that success although the yards were “a lot of empty calories” completions. Edmunds presence with his height and wingspan and quickness erect havoc on the opposing QB field of vision and stop many of those passes that were completed yesterday. Obviously Poyer also being out impacted the overall success of the pass defense.
  3. If I’m trading I’m looking for a top quality guard to best assist the running game
  4. Oh goody, bonus ugh football 🏈, vomit 🤮
  5. Please stop with this take, it’s a waste of space
  6. It was mentioned multiple times on the CBS broadcast
  7. Is it time to kick the tires on, and I can’t believe I’m saying this but here goes Will Fuller
  8. Jamison has broken ankle. I see the Bills bringing up Tavon Austin off the practice squad.
  9. Had the Bills at 13-4 or 14-3, schedule lightens up after this game with the exception of at KC Plus we are regaining our health. Expect Tre back for Chiefs game After this weekend only Dolphins and Bills will be 3-1 in the AFC
  10. I just sent $17.00, my prayers go out to him
  11. No, but they are the worst 3-0 team I’ve ever seen
  12. Love to see someone in that Bengal secondary do to him as he did to his pregnant g/f
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