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Bills cuts


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2 minutes ago, Warcodered said:



Just now, BillsFanSD said:

Seriously guys, we didn't lose that game to New England because of just one thing.  If it had simply been a very windy day and that was all, we would have won.  If our run defense just had a bad day at the office and that was all, we would have won.  If Daboll hadn't slapped the handcuffs on our best offensive player and that was all, we would have won.  It took all of those things to manufacture a loss to an inferior opponent.


(I do really mean "inferior opponent" by the way.  It brings me lots of joy to say this, but there is a very large talent gap between us and New England, as our subsequent back-to-back no-punt blowouts showed.)  


That game was just a deeply weird game where lots of things went wrong and we still had chances to pull it out in the fourth quarter.  Blaming it on just one thing misses out on how many things had to go sideways for us to take that loss.




Not setting up a FG on the left hash when the wind was blowing left to right was a big thing. Bass missed wide right. Had he made that from the left hash, our last drive would have set him up for a game winning fg. 

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10 minutes ago, Airseven said:


Rest easy. They lost on a boneheaded decision by the head coach and a smoked (overrated) defense.


To be fair both defenses were exhausted and smoked by the end of the game. Allen and Mahomes both got into a zone in that game and were nearly unstoppable. it's why it is an instant classic, even though as Bills fans not quite what we were hoping for.

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1 minute ago, RocCityRoller said:


To be fair both defenses were exhausted and smoked by the end of the game. Allen and Mahomes both got into a zone in that game and were nearly unstoppable. it's why it is an instant classic, even though as Bills fans not quite what we were hoping for.


4 lead changes in the last 3 minutes of the game.  That's like Tecmo Bowl stuff right there.

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Just now, Alphadawg7 said:

No disrespect, but its silly to cite the catch % of Kumerow considering how few targets he saw or will ever see.  He may not get even one target this year.  I mean one more catch and the % jumps because the sample size is so small.  


Reality is, Kumerow is a strong contributor on ST, the only place he or Hodgins would ever see the field.  And I do really hope Hodgins makes our PS again and keeps improving on ST so he can make the roster, I have nothing at all against him.


Hodgins was a bubble player so now that he's gone, he's gone.  I hope he clears waivers and if he does, I'd be shocked if he isn't on the PS.

If he is on the PS he knows what he needs to do to try to break the bubble and make the team next season.


As to Kumerow.  I was very happy when the Bills claimed him and after his TD catch in 2020, I looked forward to what he could show

in 2021.  As to his targets, well all I can say is he didn't get many, but he was on the field for 116 snaps.  He has trouble separating.

I see it as Jake was on the field a lot in preseason and didn't get many targets at all.  That tells me what I see is probably true.


I'll give him the nod due to ST play but if he is needed at WR this year I hope he performs better than last year.  Although he's 30+ and I think

we've seen his ceiling.  I hope he proves me wrong and also excels on ST.  Lord knows the team has a lot of ST guys.

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32 minutes ago, ScottLaw said:

Give me a break… I loved the Von Miller signing and was much needed… I’ve stated my opinion several times on their moves…. They went overboard with the resources dedicated to the defensive line and defense in general and have done so at the expense of the offense and offensive depth… their success offensively last year relied way too much on Josh Allen to be incredible.


We will find out these coming months if it will matter or not. 



You are like a broken record man!

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23 minutes ago, Motorin' said:


I hear you, but even if wr1 or 2 is out, we don't run, or need to run two outside wr formations even 50% of the snaps. With all of the tight and bunch formations we use, and the use of TE's and RB's outside in 5 wide sets I don't see it being a big issue. 


Again it depends what we are talking. Could we survive a game or two? Yep. But once it stretches on 3,4,5 games eventually defenses catch up to the ways you are scheming around your limitations. That is when it becomes trickier. Fingers crossed we don't have to find out.

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4 minutes ago, ScottLaw said:

The Bills were not rated #1 in the league in any regular season offensive statistic…. What are you talking about?


I said they were #1 in the AFC 2 years in a row, not in the league.  They were #2 overall in 2020 behind only GB (barely) and #3 overall behind only GB and TB.  


But #1 in AFC both years.  

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9 minutes ago, BullBuchanan said:


Thanks, they have 16 of today's cuts.  We have 19 confirmed and one injury settlement alleged

1 hour ago, Beck Water said:


So we have so far from the Bills:

OL Jacob Capra

DE Daniel Joseph

DB Jordan Miller

OL Tanner Owen

WR Neil Pau’u

DB Josh Thomas

Then from reporters (who hear from agents or players) via your link:

TE OJ Howard

RB Duke Johnson

WR Tanner Gentry

OT Alec Anderson

OL Jacob Capra

OL Tanner Owen

DL Daniel Joseph

CB Jordan Miller

S Josh Thomas


That's 15, need 11 more:

RB Raheem Blackshear (Schefter)

DT Prince Emili (Talbot)

DT Brandin Bryant (Caplan)

WR Isaiah Hodgins (Buffalo Fanatics, Joe Miller -from player)


That's 19, need 7 more:

DL Eli Ankou said to be working on injury settlement with Bills


That's 20, need 6 more to reach 53


55 players were observed at practice, so I guess a couple of the players observed at practice won't remain.


Tre' White may very well go on the new, improved updated PUP list (4 weeks)

Andre' Smith will be suspended

Two veterans we intend to keep and who are on 1 year contracts, such as Taiwan Jones, may be cut to allow us to carry Marquez Stevenson and (maybe) Morris or Tommy Doyle on the 53 man then put them on in-season IR


So I think we need 2 more cuts.  Barkley will likely be one (and sign to PS).

Who is "the final countdown"?


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Appearing something like:


QB - Allen, Keenum

RB - Singletary, Moss, Cook, Jones

FB - Gilliam

WR - Diggs, Davis, McKenzie, Crowder, Shakir, Kumerow

TE - Knox, Sweeney, Morris

OT - Dawkins, Quessenberry, Brown

G - Saffold, Bates, Hart, Van Roten

C - Morse

DE - Miller, Rousseau, Epenesa, Basham, Lawson

DT - Oliver, Jones, Settle, Phillips

LB - Edmunds, Milano, Dodson, Bernard, Matakevich, Spector

CB - Jackson, Johnson, Elam, Benford, Neal, Lewis

S - Hyde, Poyer, Johnson, Hamlin. McCloud

ST - Ferguson, Bass, X


Guessing White, Doyle, Mancz, and Stevenson to injured list(s) and Smith suspended obviously.

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4 hours ago, eball said:


So you are on record agreeing that the OJ Howard cut is "brutal on many fronts" and Beane is "taking a lot of Ls" recently?  Noted.

Von Miller, daquan Jones/Tim settle (our 2022 DL version of hyde/poyer), saffold, and bringing in Kromer!


Dude had what looks like potential for an all-time draft.... but yes I'm gunna lose sleep over $3.2m on a failed reclamation project on a high ceiling/low floor talent. I think we'll all manage lol

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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