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And you thought the Bills all Red uniforms would have been bad... The Bears are actually doing this.

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I don’t care about the Chicago Bears uniforms anyway they should put the actual Bear head logo they use on there helmets over the Chicago C. I am old Buffalo Bills fan but I like all our current 4 Bills jerseys red, white, blue and the Bills throwback jersey in my opinion. Go Bills! Let’s Go Buffalo 

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26 minutes ago, DallasBillsFan1 said:

The Color Rush?  Those are good, not sure what you are thinking.

You're definitely in the minority my friend.  They'd be tolerable with white pants.

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5 hours ago, BillsfaninSB said:

Not liking changing helmet colors just for the sake of it.  Okay if they wore that helmet during their history.


NFL will start looking like a lot of these dumb ass college teams. 


Yeah, some of these teams are just trying too hard and whiffing. I hope the Bills don't do anything asinine. 

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18 hours ago, Virgil said:

I kinda like them

If you like pumpkin pie?  Just kidding Virg.  One thing (one of very few things) I like about the Bears is their tradition of old school unis.  The Packs, Steelers, Chiefs and us since we went back to our traditional unis are just the way it’s supposed to be.


I hate the color rush crap.  If we could actually win games with blue pants I’d love that mix as well as the all white and of course blue over white.

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