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Josh Allen rocketing one into outer space


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11 hours ago, HomeTeam said:

I hope Josh Allen is not getting too " Hollywood" on us. 


Hopefully McDermott can reign these guys in. Humble and hungry.





I'm not worried about their humility...........focus every week is the concern...........that's how a team many thought would be at worst 11-2 and a #1 seed at that point of the season was just 7-6.......lost a game to the worst team in the league.......and were destined for another road loss in the playoffs.


One of the unfortunate signatures of the McDermott era has been inexplicable mid-season swoons.


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12 minutes ago, ddaryl said:

"You told him I was gonna throw a duece didn't you"


This son of a B word is throwing a two-hit shutout, he's shakin' me off, you believe that *****?  Charlie, here comes the deuce, and when you speak of me, speak well.  No no, serve it up!


My favorite Bull Durham scene.

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12 hours ago, Southern_Bills said:

I'd be such an A-hole if I had his talent, if we are being honest 🤣.

Oh don’t sell yourself short, you’re quite the             Already; 😂😜



nuthin but luv 😄👍

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23 minutes ago, ExiledInIllinois said:

Say 4 Hail Mary's, 2 Our Father's,  and 1 Act of Contrition and donate $20 bucks to the local seminary and your impure thoughts will be erased my child.  


Go in peace!

That was good.  How one guy has that much raw talent is just amazing and I come from an amateur very talented family.


Cant say enough about the blessings we have for SuperMan Allen 17.  Just wait a couple of more years and as enigmatic as he is now, Brady will have nothing on him on reading defenses.  He’s already a unicorn.  

9 minutes ago, stevestojan said:

Hey, Dibs! 

Like on kindergarten, share and you’ll get a gold star.

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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