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  1. I will be there for sure. Can't wait to see #BillsMafia in full effect.
  2. This is one if not the best post in a flip in year! Kudos!
  3. Fair enough! BTW your thoughts are great...
  4. Double Sutton when we have perhaps the best CB in the game?
  5. die·hard /ˈdīˌhärd/ noun a person who strongly opposes change or who continues to support something in spite of opposition.
  6. He’s starting to channel his inner Ryan Leaf...what’s the over/under?
  7. I will dream of Von Miller and Mike Evans until the deadline passes. zZzzzz ZZZz zz
  8. Star is pretty bad...and Edmonds was not great today either. maybe we consider getting Big Kat Williams from the Jests! I don’t know, but this is a huge problem.
  9. I felt like the Bills played uninspired and flat football last week coming off the bye. I would hope they’re back to form this week. Dallas wrecked the Eagles...why can’t our elite defense do the same?
  10. If I’m spending a couple of bill$$ to see them play up to par...then yes! I’ve earned/paid for the rights to boo. With that performance in The first half...they should be ashamed!
  11. Gotta love people worrying about the future and not a SB win. LOL
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