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  1. It's amazing that this POS will get another shot...UGH!!!
  2. Although this is all correct, I do feel like there has to come a point when we're not projecting the past on this team. I would have to humbly disagree that Cam is better than Brady...in fact, if ever! So, we'll see.
  3. Question should be “should you have asked such a silly question?”
  4. Gotta love all “the Sky is falling” fans on here. 😂😂😂
  5. Give me Clowney instead at that price...I think we would be more than a serious contender after that.
  6. Did Josh win the super bowl in those couple of years in your hypothetical? There is your answer! Ugh!!!
  7. Ugh! Srsly! Murphy was bad and Glab is worst...ugh! Is this all we have?
  8. please tell me you watch American football and know a few players? You can’t just post stuff like this...not good for my heart.
  9. Man, this is not the way to come back into the league...IDIOT!!!
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