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  1. Jerray said "he's out of shape and ineffective". Not sure we want someone like that.
  2. Some who knows this guy should check up on him. Make sure he’s ok.
  3. It’s a Dumb thing to want Josh to get hurt!
  4. BEST COMMENT!!! Someone give this person an AWARD!!! NOW!!!
  5. The only ranking I want to know about is our 32nd pick in next year's draft.
  6. I seriously agree with this...we can't afford to waste this amazing offensive season.
  7. Why wouldn't we replace him with Ken Dorsey?
  8. NORMAN might have sparked our Defense...His play was huge and so was his energy. A true vet play and this might mark a turning point for this defense...I hope so. Go Bills.
  9. How does saying "Go suck an Egg" gives me a negative point? SRSLY? I've seen racist crap on this board that doesn't get that...
  10. He Won the Fing game...how is that NOT an A+?
  11. WE NEED BETTER PLAYERS? LOOK! That RAMS are really good?
  12. Awesome Sauce...Thanks for posting. #GoBills
  13. Offense is gonna have to produce big to get us pass these injuries...
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