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  1. Mahomes played with a badly sprained ankle most of the night.
  2. Sooner or later Josh has to go deep. Otherwise we are a one dimensional Julian Edelman offense.
  3. Bills need to start doing more ankle exercises.
  4. I have never expected less from a running back than when the ball is handed to Gore.
  5. Take the points. ...damn cold #2.... defense playing well. the one time i want to go conservative
  6. Josh is an emotional player and that emotion works both ways. I think he'll settle down for the second half. Bills win this thing.
  7. 7 .5 T.J. Yeldon shows Alabama form. No fumbles and pass catching surprise Belichick.
  8. Let's go old school. Remember when the most important thing was to have the football to score? This goes against the fashionable algorithm way of doing things but the Bills will be making a statement that shows a lot of confidence right away! Buffalo 24 Patriots 13
  9. NFL will be extinct in 20 years. Football as a sport is doomed by dominant female households. Mom and dad don't want their son risking head injury. It's that simple.
  10. I disagree. Minnepolis St.Paul has a much larger market with 6 pro franchises and major college football. The radio here is the same thing amateurish and passionate the way I like it. Only here when they go negative on the Vikings Twins or Wild i get extra enjoyment because Im still a Buffalo fan and always will be. Buffalo sports personalities are the best.
  11. This is a good week to start sniffing glue!
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