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NFL Draft 2022 Fourth to Seventh Round Discussion Thread


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1 minute ago, newcam2012 said:

Curious to your opinion on how the Bill's professional staff handled the last 13 seconds in the Chiefs playoff loss? Get the point? 

Well considering the coaching staff and scouting staff are entirely different, I don’t get the point. 

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2 minutes ago, ndirish1978 said:


I want to say no, but this does appear to be a weakness. That said, there are a lot of bored poster here really complaining about this 4th like it's a 1st rounder and we're losing out on a gamebreaker every pick.


But, most people projected the strength of the draft to be late first through fourth round, with a lot of similarly graded players graded throughout. Beane minimized the Bills impact by trading the 4th for a questionable move up, trading down the 2nd for picks outside the sweet spot, and reaching on picks.


And there goes Calvin Austin to the Steelers, a team that just does it right on draft day.

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