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Postgame Thread DAMMIT!


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1 minute ago, damj said:

The defense could not make ONE play when the game was on the line.


And THIS is the poster child for it. I will not be happy until he no longer wears this jersey


We have him next year too unless we can trade him. Yet I don't want him long term.

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Almost all of the one score losses you can point to horrible game management.  I'm not going to hate on our coaches because they do so many things right most of the time but our situational game management leaves much to be desired.

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By far, the worst lost I've experienced. Worse than home run theowback. Worse than wide right.


Another year closer to meeting my maker and no Championships.


The Bills coaching staff wasted what may have been the greatest performance ever by Josh Allen. 

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2 minutes ago, Koufax said:

Painful, but probably the best game I have ever seen. We can dissect the thirteen seconds sequence especially, but we needed one more play by the defense anywhere and just didn’t get it. Incredible Josh Allen. Go Bills 


Avoid overreacting as hard as it is, and appreciate how close we were and how bright the future is 


How many years in a row are we going to hear that?

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Just now, RaoulDuke79 said:

I'm not even mad. I'm numb......mentally I hope the players can come back from something like this.


Same. Totally numb. During the game I thought I was literally going to barf. When it went to OT I could've cried. And when it ended I just sat here completely emotionless. 

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Just now, PromoTheRobot said:

Greatest offensive performance by two teams, decided on a coin flip. Because you can't let both teams have a possession in playoff OT. Stupid stupid stupid NFL rules. Stupid.


If we could defend then Josh may have had a chance, but that was seemingly beneath us tonight.

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