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1/15/22 Week 19 Wild Card PLAYOFFS Bills vs Patriots* Pregame Thread


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Did you know the Bills have made the Playoffs 20 times in their last 59 years, better than a once in every 3 years ratio?? Having memories of all these years, it seems much worse than this.. Must be BBFS.. Our 32 Playoff game record stands at .500, 16-16 with the tie-breaker tonight. This is just our 2nd Playoff game against the Patriots. They were our 1st ever Playoff opponent, in 1963. 


 Did you know we were blown out in that game 26-8. It was the 1st ever AFL “Playoff game” as only the two Division Champs (East/West) had played for the League title. But we won the last game of the season and Boston lost, tying their record and forcing the Playoff. The next week, they got pasted by the Chargers in the title game as San Diego hung a ‘fiddy burger’ on them. This was the year we snatched Jack Kemp from the Chargers, who had led San Diego to 2 title games. After the game, Kemp said to Coach Saban “Coach, we got booed. Next year, we’re coming back, we’re going to win and they’ll be carrying us off the field”! True story and prophetic!

Did you know Elbert Dubenion scored our lone TD on a still record 93 yard pass play from Lamonica. 


Today, it’s a rubber match against our cheating hated rivals with both teams winning on the road. They feature the genius* at HC, the 2nd ranked Defense and a ‘rag ahm’ rookie QB. The refs are typically of a ‘let ‘em play’ variety and yes, Mother Nature will be a beotch yet again.. All three stand in the way of our heroes, led by the Ultimate Unicorn in Josh Allen and the NUMBER #1 DEFENSE led by All Pro Safety’s Micah Hyde & Jordan Poyer. Fasten your seatbelts and bundle up!


It’s the Playoffs, Baby!  WIN or go home!


Go Bills!













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I believe Buffalo wins tonight. The Bills are the better team, all the ingredients are there now to beat all comers.

This could be the start of our greatest postseason ever.

If it doesn’t go our way, it’s been a pleasure to share the journey with all.




I got a feeling…


Buffalo’s going to the Super Bowl.

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Happy Play-offs Game Day, TBD! We got a lot of time to get all kinds of work done today. So focus, be productive, get your chores done, and then settle in for a glorious winter evening in Orchard Park as our Bills put a beatdown the Pats. It's going to be a great day, and even better evening all over Bills Mafia Nation.



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Another good thing: Buffalo is nowhere near as banged up entering the playoffs as last year. Maybe by design. Here is Josh Allen in today's Buffalo News:


“Throughout the year, I know [Stefon Diggs] didn’t have as many targets and receptions as he did last year and maybe that was a little bit by design just to try to keep him fresh in the hopes that we have an opportunity to be in the playoffs,” the quarterback said. “He looks really good and I want to try to throw it to him as much as much as possible because with the ball in his hands, you never know what’s going to happen.”


Like the sound of that. The Bills can go with their "A" game here on out.


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