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12/6/21 Gameday Thread Bills vs. Pats* 2nd Half Thread


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Just now, Nitro said:

233 yards.....on the ground.   McD and Beane will have to reassess how this team is constructed in the off season.  Belichick knows how to exploit your weaknesses.  


Need to re-assess the guy who tells the GM what he wants for players to fit his scheme.  


Out-coached by Belichick...again

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Just now, Playoffs? said:

Not gonna happen. Bills are making this Stevenson guy looks like Emmitt Smith. 

I have finally gotten comfortable with the fact that the Bills are not a contender. If you know they’re going to run all game, and you can’t stop it, you’re doomed. At this rate, might be lucky to get a wild card. This team is not built to run, nor stop the run.  

We literally play in the worst city in the US for what this team is actually designed to do!


Username checks out.

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Big men beating up small men. Bills have quarter Billion dollar investment in Allen, that is basically wasted because of bad D drafting. And to think, the Bills spent the top 2 picks last year addressing the D which is getting humiliated. Forget the Pats, the Bills better watch out for the Dolphins. Totally disheartening.   

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