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11/25/21 Thanksgiving Gameday Bills at Saints Pregame Thread


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Happy Thanksgiving, turkeys!


The bird’s in the oven, Macy’s Parade starts soon and 6 losers from last week try to redeem themselves later in the day. ‘Tis the Season to lay claim to a playoff year! The Bills will be getting down to a Cajun feast in the Big Easy tonight, as they try to erase the horrible taste of horse meat from their Colt stampede last Sunday. They’re healthier than they’ve been lately and hungrier than Uncle Eddie at a holiday meal -‘save me the neck, Clark!’ I Billieve.


We’re out of 1st place in the AFCEast for the first time since Covid disrupted our lives, but that can change by midnight. I Billieve.


The Saints -like everyone else- are struggling to find an identity, as injuries and inconsistent QB play cause up and down performances. But at 5-5, their season can be salvaged yet as well. It’s an important game for both squads as it sets the tempo for December. So it should be a downright Brawl in the Bayou! I Billieve.


I enjoy this place and spend more time here than I probably should. I’m thankful to Scott (SDS) for constructing this venue for us to celebrate and commiserate with the pulse of our team. I’m thankful for acquaintances I’ve made here and share your joys, sorrows and sharing your adventures, interests and humor. We’re a family!


Happy Thanksgiving! Have a wonderful, safe Holiday Season!


I Billieve!


Go Bills!





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Gonna be a great day.  I have so much to be grateful for.  I've survived 2 heart attacks, a triple bypass surgery and decades of Bills games.  The Bills are on tonight and I have three quarts of gravy congealing in the fridge!  What could possibly go wrong?


Thanksgiving is the BEST!  Go Bills!

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Oh hey- Thanks 👩‍✈️ Obvious


Scouting Report: Bills have to take advantage of Saints team decimated by injuries

Jay Skurski


Ya think?


When the Bills run: Matt Breida has given the Buffalo Bills’ running game a boost. He’s aiming for his third straight game with at least 50-plus yards from scrimmage. 


Breida narrowly played more snaps than running back Zack Moss in Week 11 against Indianapolis, and it wouldn’t be a big surprise if that continued. Running back Devin Singletary had 101 yards from scrimmage in the Bills’ Thanksgiving win over Dallas in 2019.


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1 hour ago, Baba Booey said:

Sunday was one of the worst beat downs I have ever seen this McDermott coached team take. We will Learn a lot about this team tonight. I sure hope the team I think we are, shows up tonight. If not, they will have a lot of self scouting to do over the next offseason. 🤞

They actually played the same game vs Philly two years ago, two games before they beat up Dallas on thanksgiving in Jerry world. 

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Happy Thanksgiving to all of you fellow Bills fans from the other side of the border! 

Let’s go!! I want to see some fire from Josh and the team tonight. It’s not too late! We can right the ship but it needs to start now. No more screwing around. Go out  and grab that turkey and shove it down! 




seinfeld thanksgiving GIF by CraveTV

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I can't explain it but I have always completely hated the Saints. No clue why in the past.


Now I hate them because their coach is a Malcolm in the Middle as an adult looking snarky, over rated, clown.


I also never can trust a guy named after one of the Chipmunks (Alvin Kamara). And I never have been a fan of the French. They also drafter Ironhead Heyward and I wanted Buffalo to get him.

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