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Greg Rousseau DPOW


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It's good to see his hard work generate some recognition...that said, it will be interesting to see how he responds and what his maturity looks like as a result of this recognition. If he stays humble and hungry (cliche but appropriate in this context) and keeps pushing himself to develop and get better, than this is fantastic. Fuel him to keep grinding, if not and it becomes an impediment to his early development, then that's an issue I trust the coaches to address. 


Regardless, the early returns on the young man for the team is terrific. Let's just keep it going! Go Bills!

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He has had a real impressive start. They are getting instant impact out of their 1st and 3rd round picks. Last year they got instant impact out of their 4th and 6th rounders. To keep finding instant impact players when your roster is as good as ours to start with is really tough. Great job. 

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In addition to his athleticism and size, Rousseau plays incredibly smart football. He displays fantastic vision, both on the edge and when he drops into short zone coverage. What a great draft pick. ... And for my fellow old-timers here, I was surprised that Joe Cribbs wasn't among the former Bills rookies who won a POW award. I can't recall a first-year Bills player with a bigger impact than Cribbs -- 12 TDs his rookie year.  

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52 minutes ago, 17islongenough said:


I’m so glad for this young man!! Happy that he’s getting his shine!! A big game against the Titans this week will put him in the national spotlight. Keep grinding Groot!!

5 minutes ago, 78thealltimegreat said:

He really does remind you of Simeon Rice since Bruce made that comp can’t shake how much he plays like him 

I like the Calais Campbell comparison as well

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7 minutes ago, HereComesTheReignAgain said:

Every time I see him interviewed, he comes across like a big kid.  He always has a happy, goofy smile and seems like he just got off the playground.  Such a likeable guy and awesome addition to the team.


Especially with the braces (i can relate) they can make you sound alot younger.


Looks like he cut off the top of his hair as well (no more floppy hair)

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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