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  1. Thanks Yolo for keeping us updated - as it appears you're the Adam Schefter of the Bills Message board, never sleeping on NFL news - but while this only helps the Bills, I'm much more concerned about that Steelers' Defense. The Steelers Defense is one of the best in the league and playing at home, they'll be loud - especially b/c both teams know their playoff chances are on the line.
  2. I'm not ready to concede the Division until we have to....so, if the Bills win out and the Pats lose out, then I'd say No. Secure the Division because there's a chance the Bills could be the #2 seed and get a bye week.
  3. I know this is a Ford post, but based on previous statements, let’s be clear: Spain needs to be signed to a multi-year deal. He’s been very good and one thing we’ve all learned is good depth on the O-line is a necessity every year. Signing him does not preclude the Bills from signing another and / or Drafting a decent OT in the mid rounds. He needs to be back. Period.
  4. Um, I don't think he was a "reason" for winning but if you missed his contribution yesterday - that's on you. Furthermore, he was Allen's best WR last year and helped him grow. Again, if you don't see that, then you've decided to ignore some aspects of what he brings to the Offense. Has he been great? No, of course not - he's been largely absent. But, as an UDFA and his first year contributions and how when used properly and he's healthy, you can see the speed value in yesterday's game. Two good plays that resulted in good gains on Offense.
  5. It kills people / fans / media sort, when a man in the NFL (and his team of professionals) have a plan, stick to it when the going gets rough, and then start to show their brilliance. Beane took a crap-load of scrutiny and unjustified insults during last year and everyone was losing their minds when he held the line and saw their way out of Cap jail. He and McD (since he ran the first Draft) have shown they can find and unearth talent at every level and so far (except for Drafting WR) at every position. Consider Foster and Wallace were Undrafted FAs and then Milano a 5th, T. Johnson a 4th and they traded Teller for a 5th who was starting for the Browns. Neal and J. Johnson in the 6th who are STs guys....just consider that except for Zay Jones, they've done a remarkable job in find talent. On a side note, I said except for WR due to not Drafting high in the Draft that has worked out so far - I noted Foster and of course Beasley and Smoke have been the difference makers in the receiving corps. So, FAs they know what they're doing as well. Also, not a knock on Beane et. al., they had solve the line problems first before you Draft WRs too high. JMO.
  6. I know this, Beane and Co. were very happy to get Cody Ford and their elation was not a consolation prize type of glee as their live reaction was shown after the Draft. People can dump on Beane all they'd like, but so far they've Drafted quite well, which team lends credibility to the selection of Ford until proven otherwise. That said, Ford has a long way to mature in his position but one of the things I like is that he has room to get stronger and bigger, in the muscular sense. Dawkins does too, and I've been surprised that he hasn't shown more gains in the strength department but he's playing well so - meh, if it works for him so be it. But Ford getting stronger, better at the OT position (as one poster noted above), and gaining NFL experience all bode well for him over the long-term. Dallas next week, in the Star and on short rest, will be a test for the entire team. I would not be surprised to see some regression - although I truly hope I'm wrong. On the upside, the Bills then have 10 days rest and preparation for Baltimore at home - which, second only to the *Pats will be their biggest test of the year.
  7. I appreciate your response, but another poster said something similar and then I responded to them. Thanks though and I agree, it isn't linear and I clarified my thoughts in my response.
  8. Without picking a part words / phrases or being over analytical, I agree with your overarching opinion.
  9. Absolutely agree that "ups and downs" are in fact part of the development of any person, let alone an NFL QB. And I'm not saying that a "bad game" against the Broncos indicate "he is a bust". What I AM saying, is that against better Defenses he's struggled consistently over the course of the last 1+ seasons and that in order to demonstrate true NFL QB permanency, he needs to be better against those Defenses and the Broncos game is a start (but also not a 'finish' if he doesn't do well). Essentially, let's celebrate the great week and the fact he's grown over this season and remarkably so since the *Pats game. But, let's keep in mind that his upward trend toward a good to great NFL QB will still take multiple games against good Defenses and continuous development before we can all feel rest assured he is in fact, the QB the Bills have been searching for since Kelly retired.
  10. I was in the camp of seriously questioning Beane's decision to Draft Allen but once he was Drafted, I embraced him as the Buffalo Bills QB and never looked back hoping it was the right decision. That said, I've also been one carefully watching his development and his challenges to see if he can actually improve in the areas that have been rehearsed and debated ad nauseum. His Pats game was without a doubt concerning as I thought we'd see a major set-back from the year 2 progress I, along with everyone else, hoped and believed we'd see - given his final quarter of games last year. So his last four to five games have been mildly encouraging to see his upward trend toward marked improvement. This last week against Miami was terrific and he's earned this recognition and I truly hope the upward trajectory continues over the rest of the season. But, and this is important, this week's success - while sweet and enjoyable - will be nullified if he does not continue to grow and mature to the point of being a very good to great QB. This week we need to see continuity of improvement, continued good decision-making against a much better pass Defense, reading and adjusting to what the Defense gives him, smart runs not panicked ones, check-downs, etc. I believe we will see it - but needs to show itself before we can breath the collective sigh of relief that we've all been hoping for in the realm of a Franchise QB.
  11. The state of fanhood is sad...collectively, we really are the most bi-polar fan base in the NFL. We talk about being "rabid" fans and #BillsMafia, well I can tell you this - if the Mafia was run the way the fans of this team choose to run their fanhood, they would have been out of business before ever leaving Italy and it would all just be one big joke. Ridiculous take. Sorry, I try to be more long-suffering of people's opinions and give someone the benefit of the doubt, but this is atrocious. Someone can say, "Standards", until they're blue in the face but not being able to clearly articulate how Beane's Drafting and team building fail in light of the totality of circumstances, i.e. the abysmal state of the team when he took over, poor Cap management, FAs leaving for different teams and a general malaise in the locker room all need to be part of the discussion. But, hey...."standards" appears to be the way to overrule any and all other cogent pieces of logic. Woof....
  12. I'll post five of Favre's final six years, as his last year in Minny was pretty bad and obviously his tank was empty. However, while his NY Jets days weren't great, you can see two of his final three years in Green Bay weren't fantastic either. The yards were good, the completion % was decent in two of those years, but the TD / INT ratio was....woof. That said, I just wanted to provide some statistical context to the discussion about his Jets year. Here are Favre's final 5 of 6 years: 2009 Minnesota Vikings 16 531 363 68.4 33.2 4,202 7.9 262.6 33 6.2 7 1.3 63 52 13 34 247 107.2 2008 New York Jets 16 522 343 65.7 32.6 3,472 6.7 217.0 22 4.2 22 4.2 56T 40 7 30 213 81.0 2007 Green Bay Packers 16 535 356 66.5 33.4 4,155 7.8 259.7 28 5.2 15 2.8 82T 49 16 15 93 95.7 2006 Green Bay Packers 16 613 343 56.0 38.3 3,885 6.3 242.8 18 2.9 18 2.9 82T 49 8 21 134 72.7 2005 Green Bay Packers 16 607 372 61.3 37.9 3,881 6.4 242.6 20 3.3 29 4.8 59 40 7 24 170 70.9
  13. Carrying 20 years of frustration from inept football teams into this current regime is tempting and the resentment towards the team mounts with each passing year. However, we have to re-set back to 0 each time because it's unreasonable and unfair to hold each new set of coaches and players to prior sins and failures. That said, I think McD and Beane are moving in the right direction, and the players and media that have been around the team over the last few years can sense the culture change and the way the team is organized from top to bottom. The truth is the team was so much in a constant state of frenetic gap-filling over the last 10 years because they kept hoping quick fixes would right the ship and they had the wrong people doing it. Now, they have a competent GM and a Coach who knows how to build a team and coach talent and hold a locker room that we're anxious to see the results immediately. How quickly we forget those nostalgic years of Jim Kelly, Darryl Talley, Bruce Smith, Andre Reed, Kent Hull, etc. that they were built over the course of five years to seven years. 1983 to 1988 were lean years despite talent and in 1986 Levy came in half way through the season and struggled and in 1987 they were up and down but in 1988, in Levy's third season and second full season they got to the 12-4 mark, after all the aforementioned talent was acquired. 1988 was also Thurman Thomas' Rookie season. The point here is that it took time to acquire talent, build a team, get the coach and have us moving in the right direction. Be patient for this year, and yes - next year as well. With Cap space, the Draft and current young players developing, all expectations are for next year.
  14. I too was a teenager during the great 90's Buffalo Bills era and watched those games - from home - and thought that the ambience was part of the draw to Buffalo as a fan base, a city and a franchise. However, as the OP pointed out and as I have also said at different times over the last five years, this is a different era in the evolution of the game. There is much more emphasis on the totality of the fan experience with a heavy emphasis on the youth. Kids today spend so much of their time in their rooms or living rooms playing video games, on tablets and phones and the digital age has softened our youth in general. However, that's the reality of the situation and we're not changing social expectations on the whole. I think the dome makes a lot more sense in terms of what the NFL is doing in respect to the game, I think it's smart as you start to bring the younger generation more in to the fold and allowing them to enjoy their game day experiences, and I think the dome also helps your Offense. Additionally, consider how loud that dome could be with the rabid #BillsMafia and the Defense on the field. Minnesota produced what I think is essentially the perfect blue print for the cold weather dome and I truly believe it is the best option for the Bills for the next 20-30 years, to play in a location that nullifies the poor weather experience, maximizes the NFL trend toward Offense, and helps the current generation really become invested in the team.
  15. I am more interested in building on the team chemistry and what the Bills are doing with their players than trading for anyone outside of a good OLB and / or OT. It feels like the Bills have good depth at nearly every other position OR have young players that *can* be good but need some coaching and time and I don't want to take that away from them because this organic growth of their players is special. The Off-season will have time and money to fill holes / needs and be able to vet the player's character and persona to fit within the organization. Mariota seems like a good person, and I wish him the best, but QB is a big position to put in mid-season and unless you know their fit within the locker room really well, I think it makes more sense to leave it alone at this point.
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