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  1. I've participated in this Poll, but honestly the simple answer: whomever earns it.
  2. It's been a weird Off-season. It's seemed to draaaaaaaag at times like the Pope going to confession after an elite practice session with the Vienna Boys Choir and other times it feels like we've skipped days or even weeks. Regardless, I am just so fricken' glad we're getting this started!!! Go Bills!
  3. I agree, completely. The Slot WR position in the contemporary landscape of the NFL is crucial to being a productive Offense. So much of what happens in moving the ball and where the rules favor the Offense occurs over the middle and in the near to intermediate distance of the field. I might hate the *Pats, but they really did stand on the curve when it came to guys like Welker and Edelman and used Gronk quite a bit outside / Slot as well. Much to our chagrin, Brady and those guys used the Slot maybe better than any other team on the whole during a prolonged period of time. The Bil
  4. Presuming it is an open air stadium, that’s not a plan I agree with. Of course, nobody is asking me my opinion but a dome makes so much more sense for a 21st Century NFL team, especially the Bills given the weather and the type of Offense built around Allen. That said, of course I will ultimately support the team and hope I’m wrong and it works out better in the long-run. But rainy, cold fall games and snow burying the field, make me think I’m not…so we’ll see.
  5. Well, there could be a few guys that could use such a talent..... With Rivers no longer there, given his child producing ways, that was the only way the Chargers were ever going to pull out....once he left. Edit: ok...now I'm done....been a long week, I'm shot.
  6. The question(s) is (are) fair and relevant at this time, especially because the idea of vaccinations is everywhere and according to the Governor and County Executive, it directly impacts fan attendance. However, now that Josh has answered that question and that all discussions and decisions will be kept internal to the organization, here is where I hope the media leaves it.
  7. IMHO, it’s about the way Clemson played Offense and the type of throws he made on the regular basis. It’s not about talent per se, there are college QBs all over history that have talent coming out of their ears but just can’t translate to the NFL. I’m sure sarcasm was your intent, but I’ll take it at face value and just say, it’s an opinion. If I’m wrong, I accept that but it doesn’t diminish what I believe I see with my own eyes. That opinion doesn’t mean a thing, but it is one I hold. As much as I wasn’t, nor am I now, a Lamar Jackson believer regarding his long term e
  8. I’ll go on record as saying I’m not a big believer in Lawrence. That’s not to say he’ll suck, I just don’t think his game translates to the NFL over a long period of time. I’d venture a guess to say a decent to good Rookie year, a slight regression second year and then wherever that is - is where he stays.
  9. I have mixed feelings about the Bills opening up the season against the Bucs. I recognize that the Bills will now need to be in prime time more often since that's what happens when you start winning and playing entertaining football. But, I really do like the 1:00 p.m. games and more to the point, I like the idea of flying under the radar for a bit, much like last year, without all of the national recognition. All of that said, we've been begging for a great team and a contender for 20 years, so now that we have it - I have to concede to the fact that my other preferences need to
  10. In the limited role the Bills assigned Moss, he started to find his way as the season wore on until his injury. Keep in mind, a Rookie with no OTAs, no normal training camp, meetings were virtual up to camp and no Pre-Season games - it takes time. Then Feliciano was injured for the first five or six games, Ford was in and out and then season ending injured and Williams was learning a new Offense…maybe we can pump the brakes on the RB panic? I think Moss is going to be key, Breida is going to impress in his assigned role and Singletary will have a specified type of play or plays and t
  11. Interestingly enough during the presser Brandon Beane specifically mentioned how Rousseau up at his Pro Day putting on some weight, which he indicated as a positive. I'm not debating your perception or belief that he showed up in less-than-stellar physical shape, but it does appear Beane disagrees with you based on his post-Draft comments.
  12. It’s a bit nitpicking for me, but the issue I have with that logic is that essentially you’re saying the trust earned isn’t full faith and trust….just enough that their decisions come within arm’s reach of your own. IMHO, when a FO earns the trust Beane et. al. have thus far, that means no matter their decision, they have my full confidence until proven otherwise. That said, at this point I think we’re splitting hairs….so, all in all - Go Bills! Let’s enjoy the next few days, and I’d buy you a brew if we were at a watering hole, and wish for the best!
  13. I see your point when it comes to some other decisions, but at the same time when it comes to a 1st Round pick, it would seem counterintuitive to trust the direction but not trust the pick. However, that is a finer point and not one that determines the value of this discussion so I can see the merit in your statement.
  14. I realize everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but I have a hard time giving credence to anyone who doesn't trust this FO at this point. No GM or FO is perfect, but from White to Allen to Davis and Bass last year, Beane and his personnel continue to find talent in various ways and locations. Beane has located and recruited FAs at different levels of pay and performance that have contributed meaningfully and it shows on the field.
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