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  1. I'm only drawing from memory but I believe it was McD's second game, his first away game since the Bills opened with the Jets in the first game at home for the 2017 season. I believe....but, to my recollection the game was not good for either team but worse by the Bills due to a total lack of Offense. Tyrod was already on the hot seat and a few games, including that one if my memory serves me, started to make his seat so hot it was searing his backside.
  2. This also went through my mind given the extra spot on the active roster. I realize it's reserved for an Offensive Lineman, but in my mind it is still an extra spot. So in years past they would need to eat one of their 53 for the extra O-line but now, they can keep that extra O-line and another player....I don't know, but that could also be why they decided to roll the dice on the kid.
  3. Someone from this board probably linked it when I wasn't looking, but on Twitter Sal C. brought the statistical comparison of Matt Ryan and Josh Allen and they were remarkably similar in their year 2 comparison. Sal was careful NOT to say he thinks or projects Josh to be Matty Ice in year 3, but that the ascension from year 1 to 2 was eerily similar and the fact that Josh has consistency and a significant improvement in a WR going into his 3rd year plus what we all hope will be a much improved TE in Knox plus the added Z. Moss effect, I don't think it's beyond the realm of reasonable plausibility that Josh's 3rd year winds up looking a lot like Ryan's. Ryan's 3rd year was not outrageous in productivity, but the efficiency improvement was noticeable and really, that's Josh's best benchmark: improved efficiency. IMO additional areas that need improvement that would most likely benefit from improved efficiency would include completion %, TD-INT ratio (although his final 12 weeks was incredible), improved passing TD production, and with several hundred more passing yards. Regardless, thus far the last two off-seasons Josh has been devoted to improving mechanics and really putting the time into his craft of refinement. That tells me he isn't resting on being who he is in terms of development and he's not satisfied with where he's at regarding the position and honestly, in the early years - especially with someone like Josh - this is so crucial to his long-term success.
  4. I have no true idea of course, like any of us here, but to me Beane's comments after the season about player evaluation and not just looking at the Texans' game, was directly linked to Murphy. I don't know if he gets cut or traded for a 6th(ish) but I do think he and an Offensive lineman go the way of a trade somewhere in training camp. Although I chose Lee Smith as the guy to go because with Kroft healthy, and the need to mature Knox and Sweeney, I just don't see the need of having a Smith in the TE room. Moreover, I was tempted with DiMarco, but once again it will be a young RB room without a guy like Gore, and given DiMarco's Vet presence as one of the few in the position group McD and Beane might just value such a presence over what he actually does on the field.
  5. I think Simms' placement of JA in the rankings is right....and I also think he absolutely "could" be top 5 QB in a year or two and I also don't agree that Mahomes' arm is stronger, but no way of knowing definitively. To me this is right where JA is at the current time: presently NFL average, but has potential to be Favre-esque or even better if all of the lights go on and he stays healthy with his trajectory continuing upward. But, he also could regress and that means the 18th rank stays in the unknown realm. Fair IMO all the way around.
  6. It could be that I failed to communicate it clearly or that you didn’t quite read it correctly, but that statement had nothing to do with Tua, as I said that he is seemingly more talented than Stidham, but that the qualities I mentioned are MORE important in terms of a successful NFL QB. Not that Tua didn’t have them or that Stidham did - just that a more talented QB does not equate a better NFL QB.
  7. In my mind, when you talk about QBs that are most likely to be successful at the NFL level, talent is rarely the defining characteristic. If it were, RGIII, Akili Smith, Ryan Leaf, Jamarcus Russell would be winning multiple championships so to me, it is much more about the ability to lead an Offense and be efficient and capable within the framework of the given Offense. To that end, maybe Stidham will be better in the long-run based on the aforementioned traits, but it's hard to argue that Tua has less significant raw, unprocessed talent. However, the ability to handle the mental workload, to make accurate reads and passes, handle his business off the field and lead while on it, taking the relentless work ethic to a new level, and ability to rally his teammates when the collective spirit is down, is yet to be determined and may have more merit than just talent.
  8. Btw, the OP or Mods can change the title....Jake has confirmed its existence and apologized after meeting with the team. It's no longer in question, the only question that remains is what the team will do about it.
  9. I don't know if this has been stated here, but he released a statement with a link in Sal's Twitter feed. Acknowledges and owns it and then apologizes. I don't think that's good enough, but now we wait to see what the Bills' brass does. Edit: putting twitter link mentioned above in here
  10. Two things: 1. this franchise has been searching for their true QB of the present and future since Kelly left and didn't get it done, so if Allen makes the leap in year three and therefore produces over the next three years at a high to elite level, the unequivocal answer is Yes! You sign him, set the market and don't look back. You NEVER go back to not having an extremely effective QB when you have one in hand. We all know the QB is the single most important position in all of sports and there is no isolated position more influential on the outcome of games than a QB - if he's good to elite, you pay him - back up the truck, dump the cash on his lawn and move on. 2. The Cap is going to be insane by that point, as in just out of this world per the new CBA, which is largely done because everyone knows the salaries coming to the QBs of the future will be astronomical. So, don't think of it in terms of paying Josh Allen $50 / AAV today under the current Cap, think of paying him that amount in three years when another $60 million has been added to the Cap. Josh Allen proves his worth - you pay him and never look back. The market is going to change with a significant higher spending floor and ceiling to give much more flexibility at which time Allen comes into his new, deserved contract. Lastly, great GMs know how to manage all of the emerging talent with their contracts, how to structure them, how to find / unearth great talent in the Draft to complement their team and how to attract FAs without simply superfluously washing cash over their bank account with no way out. I don't know if Beane will prove long-term he's a great GM, but IMHO, the early indications are he's done an amazing job with how he's handled all of the aforementioned challenges.
  11. I understand the OP's general point about Draft picks being unpredictable and in some respects that's true (IMO). However, to say that it's a "crap shoot" is also misleading in my humble opinion. A "crap shoot" indicates it's a gambler's chance at getting it right. But time and time again, the best organizations find and unearth talent at every level of the Draft and get good to great players, year in and year out. That to me says it's not just a roll of the dice, it's far more nuanced and complex than a "crap shoot". So far, in the limited sample size, I think Beane and his FO team have done a remarkable job at getting talent all over the Draft and then McD coaching them to their potential. Let us not forget the Milano post-Draft question debacle where there was so much hand-wringing over a 5th Round pick and people questioned Beane's decision. Yet, his absence made the Defense last year noticeably much worse. The best GMs are able to consistently find talent for their teams and put them in positions to maximize their talent. I just think it's so difficult to do that when it's done successfully, it appears to be like a Lotto ticket. JMO
  12. I can understand a Jets fan with this opinion, as of TODAY, meaning presuming all progress for both QBs were to be frozen and they'd have reached their pinnacle, then I can see it. Otherwise, given Josh's monumental development from year 1 to year 2, and the belief he will take at least some semblance of similar strides, I think Allen is better.
  13. 20 years ago, you would have been right.....nowadays, I wouldn't be so bold to determine this to be true.
  14. I get it....I was just messing around. Roger might be many things, but dumb and unaware of the social climate he is not. So obviously, he has all sorts of cascading contingencies and plans to develop "in case" of certain factors. I was merely playing on all of the "rumors" and "leaks" that the teams would start the season with 4 straight non-conference games.
  15. I'll give Goodell props, he's got a giant set of brass ones on him to basically tell the world, "Screw you and your social distancing. This is gosh-darn football and we ain't stoppin' anything. Kickoff is Thursday, Sept 10th....like it, or gtfo!"......ok. Well, let's see if it works.
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