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  1. Here is an article I found when he was with the Redskins that Gruden used him some at Guard and the writer asked the question of Nsekhe playing Guard to Gruden after he started at LG against Dallas, which was not a resounding "Yeah he's great" but a, "Let's see what the Off-season brings": https://www.nbcsports.com/washington/redskins/need-know-could-ty-nsekhe-be-redskins-answer-left-guard This article a bit better with more detail about the Washington Football Team using him at Left Guard, again referenced just a little experience and the author thinking about Nsekhe at that position, certainly not a coach saying "Put him in!" by any means: https://riggosrag.com/2018/04/24/washington-reskins-ty-nsekhe-solution/ "Regardless of whether the Washington Redskins elect to draft an interior lineman, Nsekhe could be the best option. Although he made only one start at guard in 2017, Nsekhe has impressed in game situations. Nsekhe is one of the more versatile players along the offensive line..." Buffalo Rumblings also makes a brief reference to Nsekhe possibly being used at Guard in 2019: https://www.buffalorumblings.com/2019/6/25/18700552/2019-buffalo-bills-scouting-report-tackle-ty-nsekhe-90-players-in-90-days
  2. The Tackles aren't the issue. Missing Mongo is the main issue and Ford's absence didn't help. What I don't understand is why Nsekhe has not been in the line-up since he can play Guard and was a very good Lineman for the Bills last year.
  3. I've seen people on this board and on Twitter bashing the young man, and yet again no Pre-Season and a Rookie without a standard Off-Season and little ability to prepare as he normally would. Not to mention the injury which took him out of the early games and working in a new NFL Offense. For those who've said he's "slow" due to his 40 time at the Combine need to go back and do some research to review the fact of his hamstring injury leading up to the Combine and his agent recommending he NOT run. But Moss didn't want to cop-out and tried to tough his way through it. Additionally, if these folks had watched even the Moss highlights, they'd see that there were plenty of times he was pulling away from Corners / Safeties are at the very least making it difficult for them to catch him. Speedy enough to hit the hole and leave LBers behind and able to get around some edges but not blazing speed. In the NFL you don't need blazing speed, you just need enough speed to hit the hole and get chunks, which Moss has - it's more about vision, balance, breaking arm tackles and able to get 3 yards when it appears you can't get 1. Moss, has the potential, we just need to be patient and give him his Rookie year to grow into the role.
  4. Difficult part about answering this poll is that while I think most of us "want" a trade for a position, we don't know what the compensation would need to be in order for it to get done. Beane's magical wizardry in the past has made us like, 'Woah, that's a great deal' and to that end, I'm all for it. But if it's giving up a 1st or 2nd round pick, no thanks. If it's a 3rd, it should be for someone relatively younger and still in their prime or at least 4ish good years left, otherwise, I think this team is built for the long haul and don't want to give up picks for that considering where the team is now. That said, even the above may not apply for certain players at certain positions - so it really does depend on the position, player and compensation.
  5. The issue I have with this stat, especially as it relates to this Bills team, is that if you remove the Titans' blow-out, the Bills are actually 158 to 136, +22 point differential. Given the notion that it is ONE game and that the ONE game was in a week when the Bills weren't sure if they were even going to play, let alone who the opponent would be, and then have to turn around and play one of the highest scoring Offenses in the league following the week they didn't know if or who they were going to play, I'm good. I do understand why under normal circumstances this would be a concern, for all the reasons mentioned and that for 4 games the Bills were one of the top 3 Offenses in the league, I'm not too worried. They lost 3/4 of their TE room to COVID, their #2 WR which was a big reason for those first 3 weeks of success on Offense has been missing, their starting LG was out injured yesterday while the starting RG has been on IR. While I'm not making excuses, I am providing some context. COVID, injuries, changing opponents mid-week and dealing with the normal issues in the NFL changes many aspects of what is "normal". Additionally, Defense has a part in the differential as well and Defense across the league has been abysmal this year; some due to the change in how penalties are being called and much of it due to the lack of Pre-Season and conditioning, which also contributes to the injuries across the league. In short, this is a different year and if you want to look at the past to be concerned with the present or future, then I understand your reluctance but I also think it's just as prudent to put all of the aforementioned factors into the conversation for context.
  6. Honestly, except for Miami, they've all been basically what I thought. Arizona was only getting better with Hopkins and that Defense was going to improve with the players they added, Seattle has been a good team since Carroll arrived, Titans were in the AFC Title game and added Clowney and didn't lose anyone substantial so not sure why you thought that wasn't going to be tough, Steelers got Big Ben back along with spending resources on the likes of Claypool and re-signed a couple of their premiere Defense players and conversations with people that in my mind they were / are the second best team in the AFC, and the 49ers pre-injuries were a Super Bowl team. So, except for the Chargers, there's not a team on that list that I didn't think would be a hard win. Even Miami, with the improvement they'd shown last year and all of the talent they infused on that roster, I thought would be a much improved team and they are.....or were, with Fitzy - now, we have to wait and see.
  7. Thoughts: 1. Josh was generally patient, allowing the coverage to dictate his choices and not trying to force the ball downfield. The Titans and Chiefs played zone and tried to frustrate Josh and I think they did, overall, force him to wait and take what the Defense gave him. This is another aspect of maturity for Josh: don't think about what YOU want, but what the team needs each play and take what the Defense gives you. Sometimes it will be big shots down field and sometimes it will be a 5 yard out route. 2. The team was flat. Flat in emotion. Flat in execution. Flat......until the Jackson INT. That sparked something - and we can call it momentum but it felt larger than that - which I hope continues. The Defense started to focus, play heated with some fire in their legs and the Offense started to put the pieces together as well. IMHO, the two biggest issues for the Titans and the Chiefs was the "flatness" of their affect. They were sleepwalking through most of the first quarter and then the INT. 3. Special Teams was obviously huge for this game. Roberts was an unsung hero in keeping the Bills right at the line of flirting with disaster and able to overcome it. Bearing in mind at one point in the 2nd Quarter it was 10-0.... 4. Bass. Patience is needed for our fan base that want every kick made every time. Yes, we all do. But let's keep in mind this is a Rookie with no Pre-Season in one of, if not THE, weirdest NFL seasons every played. Patience folks. We have a young man that could very well kick a 70 yd field goal indoors and maybe a 50 yarder into some of these Buffalo winds once he matures a bit. Also keep in mind, if you find a great kicker and he's young like Bass, IF and that's a big IF, he can work through it - you've got a kicker for maybe 15 to 20 years. That's a long time to not have to think about the carousel of Kickers that have come through Buffalo since Christie. 5. Running game finally brought some balance in the 2nd half. Much needed and long overdue. Moss needs more touches and earlier in the game, and we need to keep it going. A balanced Offense is what this team needs to keep winning especially against the upcoming teams. 6. Offensive Line without Ford and Mongo, is a concern. Winters is "meh" and Boetteger (sp?) is "ok", but I would love to see Nsekhe in a Guard position because he did quite well last year at Tackle and has played Guard throughout his career. Bright spot overall for the line was both Dawkins and Williams. Here's to hoping this will spark an improved Defense, balanced Offense, and more Wins against better teams.
  8. I would LOVE to, but I've already got a job....and, I'm too old.
  9. I have no words for this board sometimes......the depth of ineptitude to see nuance, comprehend the larger picture, step back from the moment and evaluate the larger picture is mind-boggling. There are literally dozens of examples of good to great GMs that take years to turn a franchise around with the right combination of Head Coach and Coordinators along with positions coaches and players and this GM, plus the HC, has orchestrated a virtual revolution of culture, expectation, team chemistry, talent, and production in three years time while also getting to the playoffs twice after nearly 20 years and have developed a true, legitimate franchise QB with depth at nearly every position and there's this question after six weeks while still standing in 1st place in the AFC East......I just, can't. Playoffs does not equal success, but everyone and their mother on this board and fans everywhere would take a HC like Reid who year in and year out won in Philly and obviously now again with KC even though he just won his first last year....folks, c'mon....we've got to be better than this.
  10. Honestly, I really don't understand this decision at all. I completely get the fact that Tua was going to start at some point, but Fitz has been dealing and the team is now winning, in part because the Offense and team rally around Fitz as a terrific leader on and off the field. Now, you're changing mid-stream without justification. I think Flores has done a strong job thus far in turning that Titanic of a crap-show around in just a year's worth of time, but this to me - wreaks of horrific timing. If the Dolphins were 0-6 like the Jets or if the Defense was spectacular and Fitzy was throwing 2-3 INTs a game and NOT putting up points, again I could see it....but Fitz has NOT been the issue in those losses for the most part and put an absolute pasting on the 49ers when virtually nobody gave them a chance. I just think this is a really bad decision and I honestly do feel for Fitzy. Great guy, great teammate, average QB skills but gamer and ballsy all day long, and good man from what can be seen from a fan's perspective....oh, and he had the mic drop line of the night when he ROASTED Doug Whaley.
  11. This brings to mind all of the Star hate that was beaming across this board last year. And there were two lines of thought: one was that Star was overrated and overpaid and the rest seemed to be, don't judge it on stats alone - he plays a vital role in clogging the lanes and freeing up the LBs to play. Phillips and Liguet (sp?) were also important pieces, but I think we have our answer - leaving little room for debate.
  12. You must still be hungover…..woof. Every team has a bad game....remember the mantra from Belichick, "We're on to...." and that was after a Monday Night drubbing.....one game. One. game. Wow....after the start to this season, playoffs in 2 out of 3 years and Josh Allen looking every bit the part of an NFL Franchise QB and this board loses it's mind.... Edit: just looked it up, "We're on to Cincinnati" after a 41-14 loss on MNF....sound familiar? After that game all the media touted the game with the Bengals as saying the Bengals were one of the best teams in the AFC and the Pats were on their way down. Pats were 2-2 after the loss to KC on MNF. Yet, they finished 12-4 and won the Super Bowl....see the point?
  13. If they still play the games, then not in my mind. If some team is granted entry into the playoffs due to a forfeit scenario, then obviously depending on how deep they go in the playoffs, it could be seen as artificial in some sense. All of that in mind though, every team will need to endure injuries or illness in one form or another, so if a team escapes relatively whole - then that means they've been planning and preparing well and taking the precautions as dictated by the league and medical community. They deserve that credit as well.
  14. Bills 27 Titans 24 comes down to FG for Bass about 1:47 left in the game, Defense then does just enough to hold the lead.
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