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  1. I'm tempted to create a Twitter handle, @WhiteFordBronco and follow OJ, just so he gets the notification, "WhiteFordBronco" is now following you.
  2. I'm not a fan of how the backfield looks just based on age, not production. I love the Singletary move in the 3rd round and his game. That said I'm even less of a fan for over-paying a self-entitled jerk whose position does not warrant above replacement level money. I'll take the Bills slightly aged backfield with the new jack in Singletary and hope after this season, the Bills can get younger on the whole. Oh, not to mention Yeldon. To me, Yeldon and Singletary make one heck of a 1-2 punch, plus Gore and Shady. Add in another 4th round RB next year and that's Yeldon, Singletary, and Rookie RB....that'll do. That is a much better plan than paying Bell and his selfish b.s. Hard pass!
  3. Hard to see Beane parting ways with a 1st, in any year - he didn't do it for Josh Allen or Tremaine Edmunds, hard to see him doing it for Clowney that will also need a big contract. However a 3rd and Lawson would make sense. Yes, Houston wants more....but there has to be a market price and right now, except for maybe one or two teams, I don't think the market price bears out a 1st. A 2nd maybe...but 3rd and Lawson seems more reasonable IMO. And I'm not just saying this as a Bills fan. It could be the terrible NJ team that wears puke green and white, a 1st still seems high but....I guess we'll all wait to see if Houston makes the move or decides to keep him and let him play for his long-term value.
  4. I live in Utica and we get the Syracuse CBS station, so any Bills games broadcast on the Syracuse CBS affiliate will be shown. However, when there is a conflict between Giants / Bills when the Bills play on FOX, usually we lose out to the Giants. There is one game in the middle third of the upcoming season where the Jets, Giants and Bills all play at the same time and the Bills are on the FOX station. Dollars to doughnuts that game is not shown. Usually, there's one of those games a year, which sucks, but it used to be three or four of those games a year due to the blackout rule and as others have said, no more blackouts. Hopefully that helps.
  5. You take these drop rates and add them to the QB pressure rates with Josh being at or near the top, also produced by PFF, and it's no wonder Josh's completion percentage and overall body of work in the passing game looked worse than it really was....that's NOT saying he doesn't really need to grow and mature as a NFL QB - he certainly does. But, IMHO, these stats tell the story my eyes already knew: there's growth to be had, but it's not the leap as big as some are saying it needs to be. An improved Offensive line (if in fact that becomes reality) and improved WRs and catch rate ALONE will show some signs of Offensive life. Now, IF Josh can make some big strides as a QB and those other circumstances are shown to be improved, well now....we have ourselves a legit Offense.
  6. I could see the Bills looking to transition him to a receiving TE. His physical attributes fit that mold a bit better and as a TE, you don't need top end WR speed. A TE needs to do the things Duke does well: use body for separation and catch / hold the ball when thrown to (and block).
  7. One of the things that stood out to me was their ability to be patient, but then act decisively when their opportunity came. It also seemed - and it might just be the editing of the video - that right after the Singletary pick, Beane was on to find a way to Draft Knox. That indicates Knox was a target from the beginning in some respect. Had Hockenson fallen to them in the 2nd or Fant, I don't know if they would have immediately jumped at it or not, but to me Oliver was the pick all along (of course presuming Q. Williams was gone).
  8. Yet, you quoted an $18 million dollar contract, when it only ties the Bills the one year for half that when they had so much Cap Space they signed 17 FAs and STILL have roughly $30 million left....so, that leads me back to you the point being I don't see the logic in thinking the Bills overpaid for a TE when they needed to do three things: 1. add receiving talent for Josh Allen, 2. spend money to get their Cap floor up, 3. replace TEs since Clay was cut (the right thing to do, which seems obvious to me)….. How is this NOT a good decision the way the contract is structured? He's had injury issues, but virtually every player has had injury issues in one respect or another. And, it gives the Bills options with a one year contract or the full three depending on how he plays. That would seem prudent, IMHO.
  9. So you obviously didn’t look at the real numbers of the contract? Otherwise, hard for me to find the logic in your rebuttal.
  10. By your initial statement: "Josh Allen could get better? Yep. I think he will." and then saying, "Big Ben had a better team? Yep. Hel also played a lot better." demonstrates the point as I already said it: "Context was the point …... It was to put it all into context and what a reasonable expectation could / should be for Josh moving into this upcoming year." It's the point because around this time of year, many fans to fail to embrace it as part of the discussion. Context is key in a QB situation, and helping to remind us all that the context has drastically changed this Off-Season can provide a reasoned, balanced, and objective viewpoint of what we can expect in terms of individual and team performance. Also, I will never be one to think the Bills *should* have taken Mahomes, regardless of what he does because again, context is key. Tyreek Hill (the baby batterer), Kareem Hunt for part of the season (woman beater), Travis Kelce, Sammy Waktkins, etc. and a great Offensive Line all gave Mahomes loads and loads more support than Josh Allen had in his first year and their situation is very, very different. In other words, Mahomes is great, but do I think he'd be just as great in Buffalo? No, I don't - because Draft picks and coaches impact how all of it unfolds. Context is the point.
  11. Right, and it was not meant to be a demonstration of which Rookie had a better Rookie season, it was the situation both were put in with similar physical traits and arm talent. It was the idea that surrounding a Rookie QB with a complete team otherwise demonstrates just how important it truly is and that while the numbers show Ben obviously had a better season, it wasn't like comparing a 4,000 yd passer and 30 TDs to 5INTs, etc. It's that Josh is close to being a similar version of Ben, but a better runner, and with a better team around Josh, we should EXPECT to see that growth as so many have said before and again in this thread. But, people rush to judgment and point to Mahomes and say, "Ah, what did the Bills do??!!!" and then say they should have Drafted him. But fail to contextualize the potential in Josh when surrounded by Mahomes' supporting cast or as I pointed out, Big Ben's in his Rookie year. And, Ben was not meant to start his Rookie season as Josh wasn't either, but Maddox got hurt - Peterman stunk - and both were pushed forward but one had a team-ready approach the other (Bills) had not yet built the rest of the roster making Josh's development harder and his weaknesses all the more glaring. Context was the point - it wasn't about matching up or trying to convince Josh's season was on the same level as Ben's. It was to put it all into context and what a reasonable expectation could / should be for Josh moving into this upcoming year.
  12. My intent was to try and look at some of the similarities in the production based solely on general body-type and physical ability with the arm (IMO, Josh's is better). Josh is far more mobile and athletic in that respect as well, but seeing the difference in how a well constructed team as a whole impacts a Rookie who has talent but doesn't have the Offensive Line, RB (sorry, Shady is good but he's not currently Bettis in his prime good), and WRing options Ben had and to think that with those things in mind, Josh isn't *that* far off in terms of potential. Essentially, I was showing how I believe we can look forward to Josh improving when he has the privilege of a more complete Offense to work from and a terrific Defense afforded Ben and will help Josh because neither had / has to be perfect to win games. The good Defense allows for growing pains and allows for mistakes without determining a season. The Offensive compliment of tools and resources does in fact produce different results and often in these discussions, it sounds like those of us who like Josh are making excuses for him or others are expecting him to be a miracle worker. IMHO, this provided a glimpse of what is reasonably possible in Josh's second year considering Ben's Rookie season. To me, it was just another way to see the same discussion we've had since Josh was drafted and a new perspective. I also knew there would be and will be those who don't see the value in this different perspective, and I respect that position as well. I agree that passing alone does not show Josh's overall production, but I did say in my post why I didn't include them. Merely, because the debate or discussion about how much value running as a QB adds to the position and game management overall is a whole-nother thread in and of itself. So, I stuck to passing stats alone since that will ultimately determine Josh's success or failure. But, you're right - last year it was a big part of Josh's game and an important contributor to him making some good gains as an Offensive unit on the whole.
  13. The below stat line is from a well known QB in his Rookie year who received a great deal of attention and his team played very well. Games: Att: Comp: Perct: Att/G: Yds: Avg: Yds/G: TD: TD%: INT: INT%: Long: 20+: 40+: Sck: SckY: Rate: 14 295 196 66.4 21.1 2,621 8.9 187.2 17 5.8 11 3.7 58 43 7 30 213 98.1 Now, we have Josh Allen's Rookie year. Games: Att: Comp: Perct: Att/G: Yds: Avg: Yds/G: TD: TD%: INT: INT%: Long: 20+: 40+: Sck: SckY: Rate: 12 320 169 52.8 26.7 2,074 6.5 172.8 10 3.1 12 3.8 75T 30 5 28 213 67.9 As you may be able to tell, the first Rookie QB had about an "average" year for a QB which was some years ago, but he had one of the NFL's best Defenses, a future HOF Running back and two very good WRs at the time. Additionally, he had an established Offensive line and he didn't get injured. Now, I didn't account for the running aspect of Josh Allen's game, and it wasn't prominent for the first Rookie QB so it seemed to be apples and oranges for comparison's sake but Josh's ability to evade, escape and run is part of his allure in his Rookie year but he will need to get much better staying behind the LOS as a QB. There are some notable differences in stats, but the first Rookie QB was named AP NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year and took his team to the playoffs. When I look at the first Rookie QB who had a HOF running back, two very good WRs and a dominant Defense, along with starting the last 14 games of his Rookie season without injury and Offensive line problems, I see the upside in Josh Allen. I think most of us are on that train, but the first Rookie QB is Ben Roethlisberger. This board has gone over and over the drops by WRs / TEs and the lack of a running game and given how similar Ben and Josh Allen are in terms of arm talent and size, it seemed helpful to put these two side by side because this year, the Bills Defense should have no excuses and I expect them to produce; this year the Offensive line won't be the whipping boy for reasons the Offense can't move the ball and this year, WRs dropping balls shouldn't be a reason to not be putting up NFL passing numbers. In other words, while the jury is still out on Josh Allen, if we compare Big Ben and Josh in their development, the Steelers were at least one year ahead of their team composition and that this year, *COULD* look a lot like the Steelers' season in 2004, but with better passing production from Josh. This, to me just adds more reason for optimism. Hey, the Draft is over and mini-camp hasn't started yet....what else are we going to talk about? Go Bills!
  14. Like all things in life, it really depends on the cost. If they both cost a 1st, then no to both. If they both cost a 2nd, then yes to Clowney and no to Jones. If Jones cost a 3rd and Clowney costs a 2nd, I'd still take Clowney. But, if Jones and Clowney both cost a third, then I'd take Jones as it will help Josh Allen in a measurable way, regardless of wins and losses. Allen's development is THE key in his 2nd year. IF Allen takes a huge step forward, then all of the investment is worth it because the Bills will have set the stage for the next decade of what can be accomplished. That's not to say I'm giving up on this year, it's just to say I don't want the Bills to bet on a Ravens-esque Defense and Dilfer at QB for the LONG term. And since we've been down this road before trying to make gold out of hay with poor QBs, IMHO - it's *more* important we see big strides in development from Josh. I think, *think*, Josh will develop AND the Bills will make a push for the playoffs if injuries aren't a big problem and the rest of the team plays to their capability. All of that said, I like the idea of Clowney better because of his position, age, talent level, and how the NFL is structured today, in terms of the game itself and contracts. I don't think people outside of Buffalo (and some inside it as well) are giving their WRs enough credit. The O-line was really bad as a whole last year and that makes it nearly impossible to sit in a pocket and make plays and even harder for a young QB to truly grow and yet, we saw it before our very eyes: Josh Allen got markedly better in his final quarter of the season. Give him time and the WRs / TEs time to get actually get a little separation, add in a better running game with better Offensive Line play, and the additions to the roster as well as developing young players in Jones and Foster (and Croom) and I think we'll see a much better passing game and QB play.
  15. Beane is leaving nothing to chance. Great signing! The Process continues.
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