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  1. So, when the Pats* do it for almost the entirety of Brady's career, it's genius and creative, when the Bills second year QB does it because the coaching staff is DRILLING him into knowing when to take the easy 5 yards and NOT toss a 100 yard bomb that's intercepted, *that's* just poor QB play.....riiiiiight, got it.
  2. I'm fine with trading Shady, mainly due to the great talent and early signs of real promise from Singletary as well as Gore and Yeldon holding down the backfield. But Zay is in his 3rd year, had a crappy QB to throw him the ball plus he was injured his entire Rookie season with a torn labrum and then had a piss-poor Offensive line to protect a Rookie QB. Zay had a really great final quarter last year when, you guessed it, Allen started to put together his season and his arrow was pointing directly up. Give Zay this year where I think he won't be asked to be the focal point, Offensive line should be better to give Allen more time, and he's fully healthy. Three really important things, not to mention continuity with a progressing young QB, to any WR's development. This should be a year where you see Zay have a great complimentary role as a #2-ish. There is no real #1 which is why I put the -ish on it. Beasley will hold the slot most of the time, Brown will be the primary outside target, and Zay will be able to find those open holes between the two. IF, big if, it all goes according to plan and the line and Allen stay healthy.
  3. I think Josh Allen WILL run less and I think he SHOULD run less. Last year's rushing attempts and yards was a direct result of two things: 1. Rookie learning new Offense and how to adjust to Defenses while standing in the pocket to pass 2. Because he HAD to run given the lack of protection in front of him. I think this year Josh will start to use his running and athletic ability much more situationally - i.e. designed runs, and to scramble to find an extra second to pass - much the way Rodgers and Russ Wilson do. I am NOT comparing him, don't put words in my mouth, I'm only saying I think given his development (as it seems much discussed thus far) as well as an improved Offensive line, we'll see him use his running ability along those lines more so than last year's use of his legs. JMO
  4. RE: the bolded portion - I completely disagree with this perspective. Primarily because that's a WR's job - to go across the field and make the catch. Now, I don't blame Zay for dropping it in terms of being bent out of shape about it, but I absolutely think Josh put the ball where it needed to be. It was a middle of the field throw through traffic right at the goal line, and it's the WR's job to make that catch, absorb the hit and hold the ball. If this were a wide open field and he "led" the receiver into a hit, then I can agree. But in the Red Zone and trying to fit that ball right at the goal line with no open field in front of the receiver, this is what a QB does. Has the league become so squishy that it can't even acknowledge that WRs make catches in the middle of the field with the threat of getting hit and then getting hit? What's next? A QB has to walk the ball to the WR and tap on the rear and tell him go slowly toward the end zone? For the rest of it, I can't say I agree except where Josh was rusty and made some early game jitter mistakes, but I think he really started to get into a nice groove before he left the game. Also, it was Ed's first game going against one of the best O-linemen in the NFL and Cosell says he struggled against double-teams....you don't say? Tempered expectations from me for Ed, and I don't expect him to be this game changing force right out of the gate, but to say Ed didn't have a solid to promising debut, would be failing to take the whole situation into context, IMO. All of the other thoughts seem "safe" to me....not much insight and just about anything one of us paying attention could articulate.
  5. Look, for those who have made some comments about Beane and his questionable decision-making in signing Morse, keep in mind the recent history of the Buffalo Bills. More specifically, in years past the fan base has lit the FO up for not taking chances on supremely talented and qualified players and then he does, and now some folks want to grab their pitchforks and torches. First, we don't know yet what is really happening until the season starts. Second, I'll give Beane credit for going out and signing the ONE guy who was head and shoulders above the rest at his position and was THE position of truest need for Allen to develop. He swung for the fences and threw some caution to the wind to do it. Most of us have been tired of the Jauron-esque super anxious, safe approach to signing players, but now Beane has gone about trying to sign the the *right* players at the *right* time. Beane took his chance, so I give him credit for making every effort to address the position and we'll see how it works out.
  6. I'm not a Ducasse fan at all, but objectively I'll say Joe B. did a deeper dive into Ducasse's play last year and found him to be one of the better points on the line. Actually, the last two years which I think has more to do with assignments than anything else. That said, it's wonderful to see that last year's starting G / C can't hold the jock of the guys projected to start this year. Talent upgrade and superior production is believed to be on the horizon. Last night's glimpse was encouraging, but we do need to see consistency and get Morse out there to build the chemistry before we start comparing them to Dallas and Indy as terrific O-line units.
  7. Obviously, nobody knows but the Bills Coaching staff right now, so you may be right. I just think the way this coaching staff and FO plan things out, they see Singletary as the guy they're grooming to take Shady's spot, but with Shady and Gore manning the two-headed monster and Yeldon being the receiving weapon I think they want on 3rd down, it would seem prudent to have Singletary take a 4th row seat. Again, who knows?
  8. Given the type of RB room the Bills have right now, I don't think it's too prudent to cut Yeldon. He proved last year with Fournette out with injuries just how productive he can truly become. Yeldon is absolutely the cushion against age and wear and tear on the two at the top of the RB pile. The one who I think sees less time is Singletary this year. I think he gets a share here and there, but I think they're running him a bunch now so that when the season starts, they don't have to for him to learn the Offense and continue to grow. If all 3 stay healthy, I think he and Yeldon split the "also-ran" duties of the RB chart.
  9. To piggy-back on the Thurman parallel (NOT saying you were implying or that I am, that Singletary will be like Thurman), but Thurman wasn't a blazer. He didn't have the straight line speed. He and Emmitt Smith (sadly enough) were similar in that they got you the 5 yards, shimmy and get 12 or 15, and then just keep getting small chunks and fall forward for an extra yard. Honestly, as fans we've become so enamored with the "big play" we've forgotten how football was won for decades. It's the moderate chunk plays that so often dictate a good game Offensively, not so much the 70 yard TD. Something I hope Allen is learning and IMHO, it's something Singletary does well. He bounces and shifts and gets 5, 7 yards but won't string out a Defense and turn the corner for 50. That's perfectly ok if he keeps the moderate chunks coming. It also means he's not speed dependent and in the Red Zone, you don't have 20 yards to use speed, you get a few small feet to shimmy, shift, and wiggle through the pack over the line. Again, Thurman-esque. So, let's see - but I'm not concerned with his Combine speed.
  10. IMHO, great leadership begins with humility. It takes a humble person to openly ask for constructive criticism and genuinely intend to use that criticism to improve and then be accountable for how that insight was used to get better. If all of this is accurate and sincere, McD and his coaches will continue to show why he was deemed one of the top up-and-coming coaches by the committee who researches these things for the NFL owners. Proof is in the pudding....but I think over the next two years, this pudding is going to taste fantastic. As long Cosby isn't anywhere near Camp.
  11. If I remember correctly he held the bench press record for a few years at 52, I think? Sad....it goes to show a strong, young person does not mean they're not susceptible to these types of injuries or harm. Wish his family nothing but peace and strength during their time of bereavement.
  12. Your condescending attitude is noted. Additionally, I’m not the one who made wide-sweeping statements as I quoted you, be more upset that you attempted to demonstrate a knowledge base you don’t have and accept that your intent is to denigrate a coach and FO who don’t do the things you think they should or the way you think they should, despite a first year of inexplicable success. That said, continue ramming away at an argument only you seem to be having as I’m done with this nonsense. Enjoy your Sunday.
  13. I appreciate your perspective and I have no issue with saying it took luck and some key timing to get them into the playoffs - and be happy with the result. My response was to the statement when the poster said “good luck” finding a team who made it into the playoffs with worse stats. To wit; my link to the article from a few years ago that ranked 25 teams who statistically were pretty bad to “meh” and made the playoffs. It was my way of saying, “They weren’t great, they were just ‘good enough’” and that not giving McD credit for breaking the drought with that team, is unjustified while giving him too much credit to the point of an extension isn’t logical either.
  14. To your point, here's an entire list of other teams, many of which were worse than the Bills were in 2017, that made the playoffs (pay attention to the last one): https://bleacherreport.com/articles/958403-the-25-worst-playoff-teams-in-nfl-history#slide25 You can now let this sleeping dog lie, or you can keep poking at something where we can agree to disagree.
  15. I would respectfully disagree. Again, since I used that phrase in context of the final four games, his final four games were among the best we've seen from a QB as a whole on the Bills for a long time. Is it good enough? No, not really but can he regress back to his first several games type of play? I think he can regress to that. Cover1 did a phenomenal job (as they always do and NO I don't work for them) of showing his progress over the course of the season and specifically how his last quarter contrasted so profoundly with his first quarter of the season. Allen does need to get better and certainly more consistently better, but to say that he didn't show big gains in improvement over the course of the season and therefore by definition, CAN regress since he "pro-gressed" is fundamentally an illogical statement. All of that said, I agree with your larger premise: Allen must get better, should get better and the team as a whole needs to demonstrate they ARE better.
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