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  1. BigBuff423

    Bills hire Bobby Johnson as offensive line coach

    Indy’s Offensive Line was arguably the best unit on that team and the most improved from the beginning to end. This means in my mind that he was an integral part of measurable growth and development. Something the Bills will desperately need in the next few years.
  2. Honestly, I could see the Bills making him more of a pass catching TE than a WR. Plus, based on the video that's been shared so many times, he likes to put people in the ground. So, that's good for blocking.....I'd say? Truthfully, I don't know that he has the speed to play WR for the Bills based on the types of WRs they seem to favor thus far, but TE is not a huge leap for this young man and if he's committed, I think it adds a variable to the Offense.
  3. Between Wallace and T. Johnson, I'd say the Bills scouts and coaching staff are nailing this DB thing. Additionally, Foster just put it all together and it adds credence to Beane's ability, with a tremendous amount of help from his scouting staff and personnel people, to unearth talent that goes unnoticed by many. Btw, for those who say, "Who cares about 4th and 5th Round Draft picks, they don't mean anything", please review Milano and T. Johnson (before their injuries) - in consecutive years folks, and try to convince me that the right FO and staff can't find talent ANYWHERE in the Draft. Add in Wallace and Foster, and you could make the argument that it can be found eve AFTER the Draft when scouted and coached properly.
  4. BigBuff423

    Would you trade for AJ Green?

    I certainly understand the interest and the basic premise of the question and why it's relevant. However, in observing Super Bowl teams over the last 10 years, I just don't think a #1 WR is as important as it used to be. I would much rather spend the Draft capital in ways that to me, help the team in a more constructive way. By that I mean, the Bills would essentially give up a Rookie WR and Taron Johnson for AJ Green who is over 30 when this team is just starting to build off its youth AND there will be FAs available in some respect. I happen to think three #2 WRs are better than one #1 WR and that's basically what you're doing - piling all your WR eggs into one basket. Robert Foster and Zay Jones made tremendous strides in their first year. The Bills need two more really viable WR options and I think Drafting two WRs makes the most sense while also Drafting Offensive Line, LB, CB and Defensive Line are the best use of this year's Draft picks. Free Agency can also be Offensive Line, LB, CB, WR, and Defensive Line. Essentially mirroring the Draft because these are the areas the Bills need great depth and to improve overall on the roster. QBs are settled with the signing of Anderson and Barkley. TEs need to be addressed as well, first through FA and then another TE in the 4th. JMO. Btw, I'm aware that I've basically listed every position outside of Safety and QB....but, I'm not wrong. Bills need more talent depth at every position except those two.
  5. BigBuff423

    Bills fire OL Coach Juan Castillo

    Yeah, because McCarron and Coleman didn't count for much of the dead Cap. I realize it's a factor, but those came AFTER all the FA period was done and the Bills were rolling into the regular season. Whaley and his Cap Jail is what created the limited availability of options. Incognito and Wood retiring exacerbated that problem due to the accelerated Cap hits on their sudden retirements, when the plan was most likely to take the Cap hits in 2018 but they initially believed they'd have both to anchor that line. Now, if that happened this year - I'd agree there's no excuse for not finding suitable replacements because they'll have A TON of Cap space to work with and those hits would not have prohibited the Bills for paying for good value. So, we'll see how Beane handles this Off-season. But regardless of what comes for Opening Day, I'll reserve judgment until a quarter of the way through the season to think he did well, meh, or horrible. Because as we've seen, there are guys where most fans (including me), say, "Who?" when they get a guy and he turns out to be decent to very good.
  6. BigBuff423

    [Name Only Title] Dwayne Haskins...

    I'm hoping it's him or SOMEONE who has this elite QB potential and is still available at 9.....let all the suitors come calling and the Bills can trade back. I know...it's a dream, but...hey, without them - there's nothing to wish for...so, I'll just hope something like that happens. And, I'll add this - man it feels good to be in this position for the first time since Kelly where you feel pretty good about their QB situation believing they've found their Franchise QB for the future and now, you're not "hoping" they find the guy. Now, you're hoping the can put the pieces around him to be successful.
  7. BigBuff423

    Bills fire OL Coach Juan Castillo

    I'm just wondering, when you say, "they", to whom are you referring?
  8. BigBuff423

    Quenton Nelson - Indy OG ...#6 overall was worth it

    Because the Colts have Luck, yes I agree. But taking an Offensive linemen that high without a franchise QB would be foolish, IMO. So, now with the Bills having Allen - yes, taking an Offensive lineman that high in the Draft, presuming it's warranted and not a reach, I'm good with it. At #9, I don't know anyone outside of Williams is worth that kind of Draft capital - but I haven't even started getting a good hold on the Draft eligible players. So, someone else I'm sure knows much better than I do. That said, I would expect the Bills to do something similar in terms of going all in on landing supporting talent for Josh on both the line and in terms of playmakers. I'm not one the guy who thinks you need a true #1 WR if the other WRs / TEs / RBs can all play well because we've seen in recent years where the teams that win, take this model. They get WRs who are 2s and 3s all over the field but put them in the right spot. Robert Foster and Zay Jones come to mind. Get two more like those two, and you're in good shape, regardless of who's #1 or #2 or #3, etc.
  9. Oh dear God...so, an established Andrew Luck, able to Draft the best Offensive Linemen in the Draft, already having TY Hilton and so many high draft picks, what 3 2nd Rounders? None of that matters, right? Just Reich all by himself would have turned the fortunes of this franchise in his first year? Yeah, I like Reich and I think he's the right guy for where Indy is right now and they need to give him a few years to put it all together, but I seriously doubt much would have been different this year. Beane wanted to clear Cap space - it was the plan all along - and the Bills needed a Franchise QB and the highest they could go without leveraging so much more of their future was 7th overall and that was WITH giving up a great deal of picks and two players in Glenn and Tyrod to make that jump. Now, Allen may very well be a tremendous QB for the Bills for a long time - Dear God I'm crossing every finger and hoping so - but time will tell. However, if you think the Bills and the Colts were in the same position entering this year, I'm sorry but that is blatant delusional bias to fit an argument.
  10. BigBuff423

    Hey Bills fans

    Ironic that you're asking me to "lay off man" after taking what was an innocuous post about wishing well to the Bills fans to the point of bitter sarcasm and condescension. My apologies if I didn't go along with or ignore what was an inept attempt at board-shaming a reasonable and affable poster over the years from a different team. On second thought...no, I'm not sorry. But hey, as long as you feel superior, right? Ok...I'm done. Have a nice day and Go Bills!
  11. BigBuff423

    Please name Josh Allen the starter

    I am a Mason Rudolph believer and there is nothing yet to say he won't be a great QB. He is sitting behind Big Ben and whenever he does start, I think he plays lights out. I'm not saying he'll be Mahomes, but I think he will put up good numbers. And again, Rudolph going to a team like the Steelers or even the Pats, will make him even better. He wasn't ready this year and it was something I also advocated for when I would have preferred to stand pat and keep all the Draft picks and select him, which was to learn for at least a year. That said, I'm not one to boo-hoo over things I can't change. And while I was disappointed in the initial pick of Josh Allen, once he put on that hat and gave his first interview, I was a Josh Allen supporter and certainly see good reasons for optimism for his continued development.
  12. BigBuff423

    Hey Bills fans

    Well, to be fair...just because you're new, doesn't mean he hasn't earned it...it just means you didn't know he already did. As far as you personally, that's fine...but coming on the board and essentially slamming a dude for being polite - as he always is - is no way to treat another person on this board, regardless of what team they're a fan of....
  13. BigBuff423

    Would you take Marcell Dareus back?

    A simple answer to the question: No. He didn't do what was necessary while he was here after he got the big contract. As far as I'm concerned, that makes him persona non grata.
  14. BigBuff423

    I may have been wrong about McCaffrey

    And when you think about Kamara and Hunt in the middle rounds, you can also make the case that while McCaffrey has been worth the 1st round pick and status, getting guys like that in those value rounds are equally impressive.
  15. BigBuff423

    I may have been wrong about McCaffrey

    Funny thing, I'm just reading this post and responses and you went exactly where I was going to go with this.... No idea what Beane and Co. will do on Draft Day, but given how well the Draft picks have played overall, I'm going to trust Beane and his team with...you got it....The Process. By that time of course the FA period will largely be over and the "needs" of the team will be clear. That said, in the same vein, I would not be shocked based on the strength of this year's Draft if the 1st Round pick is Defense, be it CB or DE or DT....Beane seems to be a guy who goes off his board based on value for the most part. And after being a guy for years who thought you take what your team needs, I can say I've been "reformed", lol...just recognizing how it becomes a bigger weakness in the long run.