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Lotuleilei Work Out Video: Not retiring [Edit] At Minicamp


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9 hours ago, PrimeTime101 said:

your comparing apples to oranges. AJ is a DE not a DT.  he is 22 years old how much more bone growth you want? statistically most are done growing by 21.  Don't know why people think players play at DT in college and first year or 2 in nfl and think they going to gain much more weight.  Ed Oliver is another example couple years ago... everyone thought he should get more weight...


They are what they are.


1) I did not say anything about "bone growth".  I thought it was common knowledge that young men frequently have high metabolisms and struggle to put on weight, being able to eat everything in sight but staying skinny.  Then one day in somewhere in their 20s, it changes and they not only can gain weight, sometimes they pudge out if they don't change their eating habits.  Don't you have friends like this?  The reasons are unclear, but it may not be metabolism - it may be some people naturally expend more energy by their activity (constantly in motion, fidgeting while seated)

2) Seems pretty well known that many NFL players continue to gain muscle after the draft, through their 20s, through rigorous diet and workout programs.  Hell I worked with a guy who wanted to go to medical school (and eventually did) but was a serious body builder.  I know he was way too smart to use PEDs, but I saw pictures and the same guy after his jr year in college vs. after a couple years with plenty of time to work out and eat as he chose, was almost unrecognizable.  But he was rigorous about what he ate and he ate all the time - he would take "peanut butter eating breaks" like cigarette smokers took smoking breaks.


Even Tom Brady developed his body in the NFL.  That famous picture at the combine is pretty sad.


They aren't what they are.




8 hours ago, PrimeTime101 said:

Yea Kent Hull was an anomaly 


The NFL is full of anomalies.

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Couldn't find any.  But that's the kind of player he is cut out to be.  He takes on blockers and lets others make tackles.  He looks like he's lost weight, but might be quicker off the ball.  I'm glad he's back.  


There is some tape on youtube in which a guy breaks down Star's role with the Panthers.  


I trust that the coaches will put him to good use and that will certainly help the run defense.



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Not sure having Star back is anything but good news.  The McDermott 4-3 or nickel "system" relies on a big 1 tech DT to crash the line and free up LBS.  Last year the dudes we had playing DT did not do that very well and the defense suffered against the run-I still shudder at that horrifying 1st Kansas City game thrashing last year.


This year we can dare teams to run and maybe have a better chance of stopping it!

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39 minutes ago, Buffalo619 said:

While the rest of America had to work through a tough year last year, this guy decided to stay home. 👎 


#1 reason for the obsession, he’s  unpredictable. 

How is he unpredictable? 

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