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  1. Sills signing is great! Would have been h appy to get him in the 5th-- but as a UDFA... Awesome!
  2. I'm thinking the Bills are done trading up. Seems generally only a good idea to do so for a QB. They have stated they want to build through the draft and we have very few home grown drafted players on the roster. I have nightmares still about the Sammy Watkins deal- let's stand pat or move down
  3. She's as qualified as any analytics dude to talk football. She definitely has some predictions correct. She also happens to be fantastic looking which helps the mostly male audience at NFLN. I like here and I like Warren Sharpe- they bring some new information to the table, unlike some of those dopey ex players they trot out there.
  4. I hope the league survives but my interest level is...meh... Tried to watch the local Arizona team on TV, but it becomes more of a go back channel thing than an interesting watch Team plays 15 minutes down the road, but I haven't even considered going and don't know anyone who has. I wonder what their attendance figures are?
  5. It's unlikely we trade up again this year- we need every pick we can get and this GM has said he is building through the draft. It's a deep draft at a few spots- no way we should trade out of the 2nd and 3rd rounds.
  6. I'll tell you what- it would be awful to have a job where you had to go on twitter and social media and actually interact with random sports fans. The stuff people say to strangers online is unreal. And some of you actually take the time to email reporters?? For what purpose? What I got out of this article is that Rodak deliberately goads Bills fans because of their comments. He should find a new job- just report the news as a beat writer, don't be the news
  7. Frank Gore is an NFL Icon, respected by players and coaches. He's the kind of guy you'd want in the locker room. Yep he's old and we need to acquire some fresh legs, but it's a low risk, low money signing
  8. Smart move- young player, seemed to fit in and plays a position of need Now drafting a DT is a nice to have rather than a need to have
  9. He's a 3-4 OLB over 30 coming off a huge deal. Not a scheme fit and likely won't be a bargain
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