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TBN: Is now a good time for Josh Allen to get his contract extension?

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Yes, they'll get it done this offseason and they should.   As long as it is as expected, an extension that kicks in after his 5th year option.   So still on the rookie deal this ye

Now as in today?   Dont see much reason for doing it in the next 8 months...

Absolutely.  His price tag will only go up the longer we wait.    those that are saying we don’t have the money....it’s an extension and has no bearing on next years cap.     If we are s

1 hour ago, Ethan in Portland said:

The precedent is set. Star QB gets an extension after 3rd year. Both sides will want a deal done to avoid Dallas/Dak current situation.  




The precedent that is set is that different QBs get different deals for different reasons, in different situations and with different histories of performance.

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19 hours ago, Draconator said:

Just my gut on this, but I think Josh takes a MASSIVE hometown deal. In the range of $20-$25 million/year, in order to keep the talent level around him at the top, and be able to contend for the Superbowl year in/year out. 

That's incredibly wishful thinking. 


I could see "hometown deal" in the 30-35 range. That would still be cheap for him at this point... saving us ~3-5 mill off Watson. Allen has quite a bit of wiggle room in getting a higher contract than him.

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8 hours ago, warrior9 said:

No one said that. It's in a discussion for the off-season. 


No one said "gotta be signed immediately" It's a discussion of when you do it. This off-season or wait? 


Did you even read the article?


The red crosses I am referring to are in response to my comments that it gets done 8 months or so down the track...and the focus should be on FA and the Draft in the short to medium term...


Pretty much what Beane himself has said in his interview with Collinsworth..



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18 hours ago, Big Blitz said:

Allen is going to get extended right before the season starts (hopefully sooner) but recent history for some reason this drags to the first week of September.


If money is your concern....it shouldn't be.  


If being sold on him is your concern, there is an extremely small percentage of QBs in the last 20 years you can say "definitely sold."  So I'm fine listening to people have that discussion about Allen.  I get it.  


But I don't need convincing I was sold after his rookie season (which to me should have been a Mahomes like red shirt season).  Back to back playoffs and 2nd in MVP voting (if his name was Sam Darnold and the Jets won the division he would have won it).  That "how did this happen we all thought he'd be a bust" narrative will take a Super Bowl to extinguish.  Whatever.  




My question is, do Baker and Lamar get extended and what will those deals look like? 


Because I'm far more sold on Allen then those guys.  And I'd be in no way comfortable right now giving Jackson the big pay day.  He has to show me something this season before I did.  That passing game can't look like that and him get 30 to 40 mill per.  At least Baker really played well the 2nd half of this season and lit up that Ravens D.  

This is a great post

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