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nick wright and the condiments!!

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I can not wait until he is Pinto Ronned!!

Yes.  And Penfield should douse himself in it as well

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30 minutes ago, Bangarang said:

Y’all are obsessed with this 🤡 


It’s all a media game, and too many people take it too personally. Who had heard of Nick Wright 6 months ago? 


He wins if you keep taking it so seriously. I don’t really care, I get the gag.  I find it mildly amusing, not offending. Relax folks! 

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30 minutes ago, Warcodered said:

He couldn't help but be a dick though.



Unfortunately, copious amounts of condiments can only improve his visage... Dude is a born troll with the face of a gremlin, run-over by a monster truck that spent a week mudding in a field of cow dung... 

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37 minutes ago, Paulus said:

Use Sriracha mustard, guys!!!

Löwensenf Extra. 😉

1 minute ago, Straight Hucklebuck said:

The goal posts keep moving for Nick.


Now it’s enjoy this win because it’s the last one until September.


You’ve been wrong all year Nick, have been dead wrong the last two weeks.

By moving goalposts you mean choke-slammed through a flaming table by Bruce after an AFCCG win, right?

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1 hour ago, Magox said:

Yes.  And Penfield should douse himself in it as well


Penfield and Nick Wright have never been seen together and I do not think that is a coincidence. 

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