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  1. I think it will be the Bills and they will push it as a possible meet again in the Superbowl type game.
  2. Have to say I agree with the OP here as hard as it is to. The Chiefs have been better than us for a while now. Not a lot, but enough. They can be beat, but it takes a perfect game to do it. The Browns are much improved as well, and did almost beat the Chiefs last year. Where we have the big advantage is consistamcy. Having the same coaches and same systems and most the same players does pay off when you are playing teams with big turnovers in their rosters. That's why I still wouldn't be surprised to see the Patriots struggle again. You can't replace half your roster and expect to play
  3. The Patriots already have a bunch of cheetahs! That's all folks!!!!
  4. That damn taxi driver spilling the beans from Beane?
  5. We used to bring them to the Bills games in the late 80's and park over by the old practice bubble. At the end of the game it was tradition that when it was empty we used to punt it on to the practice bubble.
  6. I'm not sure much about how schemes played into it, but this guy missed a lot of open field tackles this past year that a middle LBer needs to make. This includes a lot of sliding off the legs of QB's even. I don't know how much injuries played into it, but I rewatched a lot of games and could not believe how many tackles he missed. It wasn't so much of being in the wrong gap, it was not making the play when he was in the gap. I hate to say it, and pray I'm proven wrong, but I believe right now he needs to be replaced or moved to outside LBer.
  7. The league only changed rules for him, let him destroy his phone, and made sure nobody could ever breath on him again, but ok your right .
  8. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Best line ever!! Got any more gems????? Tell us how Aaron Hernandez was really just a misunderstood player next. Not in his corner,OMG I can't stop laughing.
  9. Marv Levy to the Sabres?? " Where else would you rather be than right here right now!"
  10. You'd think all the other teams in the NFL would be so -----ing sick of sitting home watching Brady year after year after year after year............that they'd make sure it never happened again.
  11. My reason for this loss. KC is better than us and better than every other team in the NFL.
  12. This was a game the offense needed to be clicking. We are pretty far from clicking andI just don't see it changing. Really hope I'm wrong but it looks like they could throw a 12 yard pass to Kelce on every play of the 2nd half and it would work.
  13. Whether we win or not I do not want Brady in. That's all we'd hear about for 2 solid weeks and I cannot do that any more!
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