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  1. We need to dominate them in every facit of the game and let them know this division is not going to be theirs fora long long time.
  2. I'm more interested in how many drive stalling penalties the Bills will get. If you have watched the Pats throughout the many years of their supposed dynasty, in every big game the opponent has to overcome at least one holding penalty every drive.
  3. He played sideline to sideline, put on a great pass rush, and covered his drop back zone area very nicely. I also didn't see him bouncing off anyone's ankles during a tackle,....cough cough. Thinking he should be seeing the field a lot more even when everyone is healthy.
  4. Q. Duh, why didn't they take a knee? A Because they couldn't run the clock out. Q. Duh, then why did they go for a two pt conversion? A. Because that makes it a 3 score game. This is professional football and kickoffs have been run back for touchdowns. Also onside kicks have been recovered. Not very likely, I get that. But paid professionals play until there is no more doubt. Unless you are pushing for a mercy rule to be installed?
  5. Bills definitely have a few easy ones coming up, but there are more tough ones than people think. As much as we hate to say it, the Patriots twice are going to be tough. They almost beat Dallas and Tampa Bay and are playing much better. Games at Tampa Bay and New Orleans are both going to be very tough. Indy is now playing way better and are always in games right down to the end.(Remember last years playoff game?) We could easily win a lot of those games, but they are no walk in the park.
  6. NFL probably has already made the emails disappear for good just like the spygate tapes that were so bad they had to be destroyed on the spot.
  7. Looks more like a presser in the middle of the night to announce the team has moved to Akron.
  8. I was there and I have some goalpost netting to prove it. IMe and another guy were in a two man tug of war for a flag from on top of a goalpost upright, but I was at the bottom of a huge pile and started to worry about being smothered cause I couldn't breath so I let go of it. It was definitely a day to remember!
  9. I agree with a lot of the posts on how ridiculous some of the pass interference calls are getting. What drives me crazy the most is how touchy they will call them all season, then comes the playoffs and it's totally different and you have to actually mug someone to get a flag. I wish they'd at least keep in consistent all season long.
  10. In before the lock. There is a pretty easy solution to this. It involves 15 minutes of your time and a little pinch.
  11. I can't believe this guys head still fits inside a helmet.
  12. Oh, you mean Pandora Spocks!
  13. I'm sure no money changes hands anywhere for this deal.
  14. To be fair, they were wearing Dolphin helmets too.
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