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  1. Been there, done that, I'd kinda like a win now thanks.
  2. Calls like that go unnoticed by the general public, but change the outcome of games. They happen all the time, generally in the favor of who the NFL wants to win.
  3. Sorry, I misspoke. They have been on primetime night football 38 times since the Bills last appearance on SNF. But yes, they do average 4 primetime night games a year, and actually this was their 6th appearance in primetime this season.
  4. LOL Ravens 12 selections, Bills 1. Guess it's the number of times you appear on national tv which isn't the Bills fault. As a matter of fact the two games they appeared in had very high ratings. I heard today that the Steelers have been on Sunday night football 38 times since the last time Buffalo was on in 2007.
  5. Definitely tide is turning, but I've been around way too long to start throwing dirt on the Patriots grave.
  6. Source of Devin's fumbling troubles: The Pittsburgh Steelers defense.
  7. Thanks for sharing. Funny to see the national media waking up out of it's Bills funk slowly but surely. Seems like a lot of them are now not only giving Buffalo respect, but a lot of them are jumping on the bandwagon.
  8. Seeing how the Bills are still building this team and how they are already performing with a big draw to boot, I think we are looking at 3 primetime games next season.
  9. We are going to be seeing a great defense next Sunday night...................................................and they are gonna be wearing red, white, and blue uniforms!
  10. Hope I'm wrong, but I'd have to say: Ravens-31 Bills-21
  11. Your free Antonio! Remember? Free as a bird! Enjoy!
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