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  1. Actually is a complete coincidence, what else would eat being seeing how rare Hall of Fame TEs are, plenty of teams get to and win the SB without a stud TE. All I'm saying is that we have bigger fish to fry.
  2. Having a TE is good, but I feel like folks are making too much out of it. Media types not talking about our issues at CB2, and cover LB with Milano all but set to walk on out of here. We had a top O without a stud TE, we will manage.
  3. Low key hated this dude back in the day for all the Bills bashing, but hey, he wasn't wrong, I was shooting the messenger. Hate to see this *****, young guy, best wishes to his family.
  4. I do think first round picks may be overrated, but having more draft picks is certainly not overrated. The more selections you can make the better. If you can move back, or out of the first round, and collect more picks in doing so all the better. Do feel that sometimes fans value 1st round selection more than the known vet, however that doesn't mean it's fine for a front office to just light draft capital on fire or give it away. Trading up or giving away multiple draft picks can be harmful, you need as many as you can get, no perfect answer here.
  5. It's hard to see Josh doing better in '21 than he did in '20, because that would be a historic NFL season, so his reps want to get something done now. Wouldn't be in any rush, I don't think we're going to get much of a discount anyway, going to pay market rates. Lets see how next season goes, work from there.
  6. Definitely seemed that way, I've never seen Tre White play that poorly, or look that off balance. Guy was scared to death out there.
  7. Free publicity for this dude, no loss for him, this is a W, gets his name out there.
  8. Going for 2 adds a marginal amount, Ben Baldwin has the numbers, it wasn’t bad but it wasn’t going to add much if they converted it. Going for it on 4th wasn’t a bad move, I mean folks act like the kicker automatically makes it when there’s always a chance he misses. Worst case you go for it, fail, and you pin team back where the chance of scoring a td is minuscule with that kind of starting field position. I don’t think Reich did much wrong in that game, but morons will criticism him.
  9. Worry about it if the team gets there, no point right now. These guys have to write about something, it's their job. Useless to debate these scenarios amongst ourselves.
  10. I'll cry like a baby if we win the bowl, until then nah.
  11. Would not be shocked if they don't pick up his 5th year option, and use the money to lock up Milano instead.
  12. Definitely lacking in impact, especially from the 1st rounders.
  13. Yeah, that pipeline must be cut, D.Williams has been the lone exception. Net negative on the whole.
  14. What's funny is that there are opposition fans that feel the same exact way about Josh Allen. Long way to go in the 2020 season.
  15. Article isn't unfair, especially when you consider the author, Hermsmeyer. Guy has never been an Allen fan, he's extremely critical. It's only week 2, jury is still out, I think that's fair enough to say. But it's also fair to think that Allen may be a bit better than most predicted predraft, including myself. Still a long season.
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