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1/16/21 Divisional Round Playoff BILLS GOING TO AFC CHAMPIONSHIP Postgame Thread

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5.22am.... but WORTH IT ! a small hello from France I'm drunk as ***** had to open a second good wine bottle during the 2nd half time preps to defense and OLine !   so fa


Tears?  I had plenty of fears.  Now I'm drinking beers!

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1 minute ago, RunTheBall said:

I think we are winning the Super Bowl. No hyperbole.


We’ve beaten the 2 toughest defenses in the playoffs and our O hasn’t even been on fire. Our D is rounding into form after a difficult game against the Colts. We’ve seen KC once, I suspect we will play better on both sides of the ball if we meet them again. If we can shut down the Ravens running game, we can shut down the Browns O. We can take anyone in the NFC and I hope to god its Brady in the Super Bowl


Go Bills!

We just beat 2 really really good teams without playing our “A” game yet. Just let that sink in...

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2 minutes ago, CincyBillsFan said:

This game creates a real problem for the national media NFL experts.  Their narrative about our defense just got flushed down the toilet and if they try to say the offense is a problem we can tell them to go find a wind tunnel and try throwing the football.


The astute "experts" will note that if our offense plays like it did against the Colts and the D plays like it did against the Ravens - WATCH OUT.



They will roll out ALL the same crap next week if we face KC. They will focus solely on the October game. Guaranteed. 

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1 minute ago, Logic said:

I'm blasting this in my house and dancing around, and my wife thinks I'm a lunatic...


^5 Logic you do you matey she'll learn soon enough This is HUGE

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Re the Taron pick six, coincidentally Lamar said this yesterday:


Since entering the league, Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson has consistently made defenses look inadequate while effortlessly gliding past them en route to a touchdown or first down.But did you know Jackon's never reached his top speed?


"I'm really not running - I haven't ran full speed yet I don't think," Jackson said in a recent interview with NBC Sports' Jac Collinsworth.



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