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Darnold to start Sunday for Jets

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Well, the Bills are wearing white on white, aren't they?  

What puzzles me is the number of people who seem to think this HAS to be a blowout or it somehow doesn't count.   Just Win Baby

Not great.  He's really inconsistent - but his good games are better than Flacco's good games.


I'm getting more concerned about the CB situation. Tre's back seems to be a real nagging issue. If he's limited and Norman can't play, it makes Darnold's life a lot easier...


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55 minutes ago, Wo-Bah said:

If the Jets move on from Darnold, what's to prevent them from wrecking another QB?

Good point, but it assumes an organization can "wreck" a player.


I think where a player is drafted can absolutely have an impact on his career, but I don't think it wrecks his ability to play.


It's more likely that Darnold just isn't going to be as good as some thought; he regressed his last year at USC and his stock value dropped in some people's eyes.


The Jets are surely going hard for #1 and Trevor Lawrence, assuming he comes out.


If he has the talent, even the Jets can't ruin him.


Darnold is going to end up somewhere else.




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