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  1. The Raiders & the Broncos I thought were 2 of the teams that made questionable moves.
  2. So this was all the hub-bub about the Pegula's plane being in CHI?
  3. That's too bad. I always admired him. Seemed like a classy guy. Cross easy, Brother.
  4. Right now, I can't go any farther (further?) than this. Yes, this team can beat anyone. In the playoffs, though, anything can happen. You only get one game, a bounce here or there, a ticky-tack penalty, can hurt you. It's not like the other sports where you have a series to figure it out, or recover from bad calls or mistakes. Go Bills.
  5. I have been watching/going to Bills games since before Kelly was QB. Like a lot of folks here, been through a lot with the Bills. The last 20 years has pretty much taught me to become numb to it all. Now this year rolls around, and I admit, I did not see 12/13 wins with the schedule and everything else going on. Yet, here we are, on the cusp of locking up the # 2 seed. To answer your question, yes, I am waiting for the bottom to fall out, ie, a horrible playoff loss in the 1st round. I am enjoying the ride, but have reserved myself after each win as well as with each loss, tha
  6. I have the pleasure of working today in hopes for a better evening. Go Bills! F the Pats*
  7. I'm OK with someone other than Josh winning the MVP. Josh wants a different title after his name & MVP of a certain game.
  8. If I remember Marv's post-game press conference correctly, he jokingly made a mention about the goal posts coming down and how they were going to need them for the next few games.
  9. My disgust (dislike) for Pittsburgh has more to do with their obnoxious fans, rather than their organization, which I happen to think is well run.
  10. I am not writing off anyone the way our defense still gives up huge yardage plays. I hate Ben R. (sorry, can't spell his name) but I think he can still throw the ball. I do think, though, that our run defense has improved lately. I do like this Bills team and they are easy to root for. I just am expecting a tough game vs. the Steelers.
  11. Man, can this work day drag on any slower?? I'm ready to go.
  12. I thought Collinsworth was the only one allowed to be on Brady's junk? Romo was bad last night, but, overall I don't mind him as an analyst.
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