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2024 Team captains

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There are 8 team captains - Buffalo only has 2 currently returning: Josh Allen and Von Miller.  Hyde, Poyer, Morse, Davis, Diggs, and Matakevich are no longer on the roster.


Assuming Josh Allen and Von Miller are captains who are the other 6?


I was going to make this a poll but then i realized it was too many options.


Offensive - Allen, Dawkins 1 of - Samuel, Knox, McGovern, Brown

Defensive - Miller?, Milano, Bernard  Maybe DQ? could throw Groot or oliver in the mix too

ST - Gilliam or Hollins i guess?

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Just a guess...


Josh, obviously. I think this is the year all the stars and the C are in gold. How neato!


I'd say Dawkins, Knox, maybe big Spence. I'll also throw one out for Shakir, dudes character and leadership were consistently brought up in his scouting reports and now he's suddenly the longest tenured Bill in the receiver room. I think. Right? Mush brains. 


Defensively, I can see the C on Bernard, like Shakir, his character and leadership were highly rated, he's also super smart from what I understand. Taron Johnson should get a C, he's consistently been one of their best defenders for some time now. I wouldn't be surprised if Von gets the C again. I wonder if maybe Groot would be one they'd consider for a captain spot. 


Special teams probably Mack Hollins. Maybe Baylon Spector? They seem to like him and I'd imagine if he doesn't totally crap the bed in camp he'll slot into the spot left by Matakevitch. Maybe Reid Ferguson too? He might be the longest tenured Bill overall at this point. 


Future C, definitely Cole Bishop. Maybe Kincaid too. 

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If they stick with 8 again:


Offense: Josh Allen, Dion Dawkins, Khalil Shakir

Defense: Taron Johnson, Terrell Bernard, Von Miller

Special Teams: Reid Ferguson, Mack Hollins

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