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name this guy

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46 minutes ago, NORWOODS FOOT said:

Patrick Mahomes! Everywhere I look, I see Patrick Mahomes!

It’s Patrick’s little brother…,

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18 hours ago, papazoid said:



that's honestly what I reacted - Wait, that's Micah, that's his voice, that's his face

but then the conscious brain kicked in and I said "so who is it then, 'cuz Micah's gone"


I have got to learn me some new faces



I have no idea who so many of these guys are.

1 Groot

2 Ty Johnson and ?Darrynton Evans

3 Ty Johnson

4 ?

5 Bass-no-longer-o-matic

6 Josh Allen

7 Desean Williams

8 Dalton Kincaid

9 Will Clapp

10 ?Casey Toohill?  

11 Josh Allen

12 David Edwards

13 ?Taylor Rapp?

14 Baylon Spector

15 ? no idea - maybe that's Casey Toohill?

16 Reid Ferguson, Sam Martin, and Matt Haack

17 Matt Haack

18 Sam Sartin

19 snapflow himself, Reid Ferguson

20 Connor Mcgovern

21 Dorian Williams and ?Nick Morrow?

22 ?Nick Morrow?

23 ?

24 Spencer Brown and Khalil Shakir

25 Khalil Shakir

26 Spencer Brown

27 Josh Allen

28 ?

29 ?

30 Khalil

31 Quinton Morris

32 damar hamlin

33 damar hamlin

34 ?

35 taron johnson

36 shane buechele

37 ?

38 ?

39 ?
40 ?Tommy Doyle?

41 ?Tommy Doyle?

42  ?Van Demark?

43 ?Van Demark?

44 ?Reggie Gilliam

45  Kaiir Elam 

46 Kaiir Elam

47 Josh

48 ?

49 ?

50 ?Curtis Samuel?

51 ?Curtis Samuel?


54 Terrell Bernard

55 Terrell Bernard

56 Terrell Bernard

57 Mack Hollins and Mitch Trubisky

58 Mitch Trubisky

59 Mack Hollins and Mitch Trubisky

60 Mitch Trubisky

61 Groot

62 ?


64 ?Cameron Kline and Eli Ankou and I take back what I said about him skinnied up

65 Eli Ankou
66 ?Cameron Kline?
67 Andy Isabella

68 Da'Quan Jones

69 Da'Quan Jones

70 Jamarcus Ingram

71 Jamarcus Ingram

72 ?

73 Ed Oliver

74 Ed Oliver

75 Dion Dawkins

76 Dion Dawkins

77 James Cook (and man, does he look sleepy or stoned)
78 AJ Epenesa

79 Taron Johnson


That's a lot of ?? for me - help?



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8 hours ago, teef said:

this thread is tearing us apart.  


Part of why Bills social media "team" is kinda awesome. They get Gen-Z. They get Josh Allen.


At first, I actually heard my inner voice begin to wonder why Allen wasn't mentioning any offseason "football work"...right as the satire became evident. I'm not proud of my boomer-y tendencies to judge others (I'm Gen-X, but we're definitely a generation straddling the new world of too much information and the old world of too much belief). 

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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