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Diggs traded to Texans for picks

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2 minutes ago, TheWeatherMan said:

Not the last 10 games of 2023-2024 he wasn’t.  Diggs completely fell of a cliff.


Diggs' performance fell off under Brady, who used him differently.  


This is no endorsement of Dorsey, at all, but under Dorsey Diggs averaged 7.3 catches, 87 yards, 11.9 YPR, and had 7 TDs in 10 games. 


Under Brady Diggs averaged 4.7 catches per game, 42 yards, 8.9 YPR, and had 1 TD in 7 games.  


It doesn't take a genius here to piece things together, particularly that Diggs played slot under Brady more than he has in his 8 other seasons combined.  



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Just now, Warriorspikes51 said:

why is everyone acting like we're taking an additional 31 million?  It's an additional 3-4 million hit.  That's it. 

Because most people don't know how the cap works.

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5 minutes ago, Heitz said:


If that's the best they could get a lot of us on TBD value Diggs more than NFL GMs.  


No question about that. Front office got sick of walking on eggshells around this guy. Was that cryptic enough?

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23 minutes ago, CirclnWagons said:

Anyone who thinks this was a good move for the organization, please contact me immediately to learn about the benefits of investing in time shares 

Someone from Legends on line 1…..

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2 minutes ago, SUNTANBILLS FAN said:

What does this free up this year we need a WR now

Let's see what the draft brings. Revisit what we need after that. We also have money coming June 2nd and may not be done making moves. Patience. We don't play a game for a while yet.

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1 minute ago, Warriorspikes51 said:



i don't want to sacrifice the ability to draft weapons by quantity for one potential quality guy. i'm not over the moon by these WR prospects like others short of MHJ.

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54 minutes ago, OutOfBubbleGum said:

He was too fashionable for this area. haha

Yes the Pink bunny suit was the last straw, 

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Just now, dave mcbride said:

I think that’d be a terrible trade UNLESS they believe like some that Nabors is the best WR prospect to come out since Chase. A lot of people have him higher than Harrison.


Agree they have to believe that. And yep, Harrison is not a total consensus as #1. Equally though Nabers isn't a total consensus as #2. 


The other option is a trade up to say #13 with the Raiders which costs a smaller price and take Thomas. 

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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