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1 hour ago, DrDawkinstein said:

No offense to OP, but are we going to do a separate thread for every irrelevant signing around the league? Or have one mega-thread for all the news?


@Simon, @SDS?


How else will the OP collect meaningless internet points? 

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16 minutes ago, Bleedingreennc said:

I hope the Jets dont sign him.

Thats likely where he goes to be with his buddy Aaron.


But Bak is always hurt so it won’t matter much 

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55 minutes ago, HappyDays said:

$19M AAV... Jeez, Danielle Hunter is gonna get close to $25M at this rate.

That was my thought before all of this went down… No way we sign or trade for any of those guys; Khalil, Hunter, Ngakoue, Leonard Williams, Chase Young….


Now with the Wilkins & Greenard deals I don’t know how we’re paying any of them if Floyd was a foregone conclusion that he’d priced himself out of our budget. 

AJE, Huff and Chaisson in terms of the other younger guys might even be on that list with the way things are going. 


Might have to look at Barnett or someone who’s underperformed or of the older vet who’s not picked up in the flurry. 


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15 minutes ago, BuffaloBillyG said:

Good. Let Mahomes get his nuts grabbed twice a year for a change...

So he’ll go from sounding like Kermit to Ms. Piggy…?




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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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