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3 minutes ago, BuffaloRebound said:

Not sure how much Armstead has left, but he has been a difference making player his whole career.  I don’t think he’s a traditional 1 Tech, but him and Oliver would be a nice duo on passing downs.  

I imagine he’s out of our price range

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4 minutes ago, Warriorspikes51 said:

I imagine he’s out of our price range

Yes, if McDermott keeps his rotation of mediocre on the D-Line.  Sign a difference maker like Armstead who can play End on rush downs and DT on pass downs.  Armstead, Oliver, Sweat at pick 60, Rousseau on 1st/2nd down.  Von, Oliver, armstead, Rousseau on pass downs.  Use draft picks and vet minimum guys for depth like other teams do and roll the dice on those 5 guys on the D Line.  

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2 hours ago, Big Blitz said:


Davis is going to get 18 mill per from someone 

If this years comp draft formula is indicative of anything that will net…


a 3rd rounder… for the Patriots.



As for us? Maybe a 6th and a kick to the nuts.

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16 hours ago, mannc said:

I'd say it puts them firmly in QB purgatory...they are committed to a guy who's at best a top 12-14 QB in the league.  Maybe good enough to win the woeful NFC South, but that's the limit.





It's a win/win for both sides.

Baker gets a little security and won't have to be the "gun for hire" for a couple of years and the Bucs don't have to rush into getting their QB of the future anytime soon. They can be patient and take their time in assessing all available viable options.

I think the Bucs have done their due diligence on this on. 

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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