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Kareem Hunt...

Sierra Foothills

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is still available... and I know everyone's heard of him. 🙃


I understand his sordid history will be held against him but that happened more than 4 years ago and he's played 4 complete seasons since the incident which resulted in no charges.


From a size/skill/talent/age standpoint isn't he arguably just what the Bills are looking for in a running back?


Highlights from the last 2 years: 





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Hunt might be looking for starter money.   I like him, but not for above $3m per.  Cap room going to make our decisions more critical.


TBH, Fournette is a better fit if he'd do a 1 yr $2-2.5m deal.  He's still got a little juice left and the type of runner we're missing.


Cook should be our 1a, getting 60% of snaps.  Bruiser type and Hines would round out the group nicely..


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53 minutes ago, Augie said:

Is it just me, or did the name only title scare you with “Oh God, what’s he done now?”  That says something about how much I’d like him on our team. 


20 minutes ago, LabattBlue said:



I can understand why no one would want him due to his past.


But, I'm also trying to figure out when was the last time a group of 53 choir boys won a championship.

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9 minutes ago, T master said:

They drafted Cook & brought in Hynes and Beane has said he wants a bigger short yardage back & he isn't that guy so i would think NO plus his history isn't what Beane or McD would want in a player .


Except they have expressed interest in Hunt before, twice actually.  So I don't think that is the case

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1 hour ago, nosejob said:

Cook/Hines (sp?) drew a blank, and a big bruising back at the end of the draft. They have Gilliam and for the number of runs per game, why shell out any more money to a FA?
Or for that matter, why shell out money for a RB when your OL is so bad? Spend the money or high draft picks on the OL first and then worry about RB's. We really do need to run more anyway and we need our WR group upgraded. We have a big hole at MLB too. I'd prefer to focus on the OL 1st and maybe draft a LB and WR on day 2. This is a very deep draft for RB's, so get 1 on day 3. I suspect Bean is just going to resign our own from here on in. Poyer has been the only significant signing so far and I think that's it.
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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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