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  1. Would you like a plate of crap or a plate of $h1t ?
  2. used to jump off the bridge and the lock into the canal . Early 80’s
  3. I came here one day later.same reason. Glad I did
  4. Doesn’t Kareem have a brother named Mike ????
  5. Firearms Safety 101. Every gun is loaded until YOU confirm that it's not. Baldwin should absolutely be charged
  6. just bought some. Not bad. Not very hot. It’s your basic red pepper sauce. I like it. Covered some eggs with it. Similar to Tabasco in heat
  7. As long as I get my money next Friday
  8. The sweet sauce pizza at pizza151 is the best I’ve ever had.
  9. I saw Pele play at Holleder also. ‘73- ‘75 ish? I was a little kid.still have the pennant I got at that game
  10. Been doing it for years. 4 10’s and 3 day weekend
  11. We used to do the same thing in old forge
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