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Poyer is back! Resigning with Bills

Big Blitz

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1 hour ago, Sargent Hulka said:

That secondary is mediocre. Might be okay in the regular season, but I recall the Vikings, Chiefs, Lions, Bengals didn't have any problems moving the ball against it.


 You continue to show everyone just how little you know about this game. 


Vikings - No Hyde, Poyer or White. That's 3 former All-Pros missing. Plus Elam was out and Edmunds got hurt in the 1st half and didn't return.


Chiefs - No Hyde or White and Poyer was so injured he couldn't fly with the team and had to drive there.


 Lions - White's first game back only played 15 snaps. No Hyde or Edmunds and Von Miller tears his ACL in the 2nd quarter.


Bengals- No Hyde or Miller. FS #2 Hamlin - out, FS #3 - Marlowe injured, does not return, onto FS #4. Also no DaQuan Jones. Both Poyer & White played, but severely limited due to injury. 


 Remind me again which team held KC to it's 2nd lowest point total out of their 20 games they played this year and their lowest home point total of the year. Since 10/6/19 KC has been held to 20 points or fewer at home only twice.....both those games were against the Bills.




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2 minutes ago, MAJBobby said:

I dont think Poyer is as good as some here think.


So like....do you think the All-Pro voters were just WRONG in 2021, or....? Or that his 4 INTs, 1 FF, and 8 Passes Defended in 2022 while playing through a bunch of injuries were lucky flukes?

I don't really see how "Jordan Poyer is a very good football player" is even debatable, to be honest.

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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