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What was the furthest you traveled to see the Bills play?

Another Fan

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Flew to Vegas.

Placed a $1000 bet on the Bills. 

Then drove to Pasadena to watch the Bills get destroyed 52-17 in Superbowl 27.

Heckled relentlessly by Dallas fans the entire game. 

Got to see Garth Brooks sing the National Anthem.

Michael Jackson halftime show.

Don Beebe chase down Leon Lett. 

And OJ Simpson coin toss a year before he murdered Nicole. 

Long drive back to Vegas and flight back to Buffalo. 







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7 hours ago, Patrick Duffy said:


Yeah not bad at all....probably was expensive but better than drive still lol.


Didn't you go earlier this season, or was it last season? I remember you posting about it and think it was early this season, but not 100% sure

Opening day last year.  We got Preggos this year and that changed our plans to go this season

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Tulsa to Buffalo. It was the September 2011 game that we came back from 21 points down to beat Brady & the Patriots!        I combined a business trip in central Michigan with an ending weekend in Buffalo. My kids were thrilled to miss school for a week until they realized my wife would work them harder on schoolwork at the hotel than their actual school!

At the game, a Patriots fan was sitting behind us, talking how he had an 8 hour drive home to Maine after the game. I told him I had an 18 hour drive home to Oklahoma after the game. We had to have my high school age son home in time to catch a noon travel bus to Oklahoma City for a JV football game.  We literally watched Buffalo’s winning field goal, got in our SUV & drove home to Tulsa, arriving at around 9:00 AM central time! 

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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