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  1. It's fun when we win and are in the mix. I'm not overly worked up about the playoff thing.
  2. I've been to London many times and my daughter lives there. Here are a few thoughts (in no particular order) - some relating to booking on your own: We usually book an airbnb because it gives us a kitchen and a place to just hang out and rest between activities. But many people prefer a hotel because it's more predictable. The tube is a great way to get around but if you take a taxi it's worth asking about their training and test because it's mind blowing and it's really fun to hear each drivers experience. You don't have to have an Oyster Card for the tube if you have a contactless credit card - just tap at the turnstile in and out. Sometimes I call my credit card company before going to minimize the chance of them wanting additional verification when they see overseas charges but it's usually no problem. If you drink beer consider trying cask ales or "real ales" that are hand pulled from the keg, very smooth. Check into your cellphone plan to see if there is an international rate and how it works. A low cost, cheap and fairly easy way to get from Heathrow to central London is the tube, it works well especially from the airport to central London because you'll get onto an empty train. Going the opposite direction can be a minor hassle if it's crowded. The Heathrow express is super easy if you're heading near Paddington. Have fun!
  3. I thought that snowballs aimed at the Dolphins bench were fair game because the Dolphins sat our team in the roasting sun in the game earlier in the year. The whole thing has a nice Heat Miser Cold Miser dynamic that seems fair to me. But I didn't see too much of the quid pro quo aspect mentioned in the media - did I miss it? Just to be transparent I was reprimanded a few times by authority types about my snowball throwing in 4th and 5th grade but have been clean for the last 50+ years - I always thought that was about average for growing up in Buffalo.
  4. Edmunds sucks, can't believe we let Ertz sign elsewhere...
  5. JOSH Motor Bass-O-Matic Honorable mention - Tage for his 3 points tonight
  6. New Orleans last Thanksgiving, loved it and the Saints fans were a good bunch despite a rough loss for them
  7. I was in second place in my league with easy win lined up for last week when..... Kyler Murry and Stevenson both went down and delivered bupkis. Now I'm in 5th and have to play with Ryan Tannehill or Rodgers. My backup was Stafford until he went down. Can't complain.... but really want to!
  8. Thanks Shaw, you got the headline right - TCB! It looked like they decided that if they could eliminate turnovers they would prevail - we'll take it!
  9. I'll say it again, I love any Edmund thread! He's good, he's bad - he's definitely interesting! Oh, and he's good.
  10. All the while the Patriots were thinking to themselves "I remember back when we used to do that..."
  11. The tradition should be 3 turkey legs for skill position players and the rest of the turkey for a lineman, I think Madden would smile upon such a thing!
  12. I agree! A week ago I tried to summarize the DB situation this year in a couple sentences and just ended confusing myself and others.
  13. Yep! I think coaching is 80% boring, background, details, process and laying up when needed ala tin cup analogy, and McD gets every ounce out of his team for this 80%. One of the reasons I developed a dislike of Belichick is his ability to create oxygen depriving game plans, that are painful to watch unless you find yourself through birth or choice on the dark side. If the other 20% is game-day brilliance, creativity and reacting to the unexpected, he's still evolving and was probably better paired with Daboll who was a bit of a mad scientist. I'm still enjoying the ride and want to see what's around the next bend.
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