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  1. Went to high school with his daughter, nice family
  2. Wow, nice analysis and that's impressive GunnerBill!
  3. I just got an automated call asking what I would offer for a bucket full of 6th round picks...
  4. You could order the spam spam spam Tremaine Edmunds and spam - that’s not got much Tremaine Edmunds
  5. I have to go with Maybestraighttothedustbin but Sammy Watkins for TWO first rounders deserves an honorable mention.
  6. Balanced and thoughtful! Wait, are we doing that kind of thing on this site??
  7. I hope Tyrod plays, but either way the Giants will be interesting to watch next season. What ever happens, I'll be drawn like a moth to flames!
  8. This is what happens when you take career advice from Brett Favre
  9. You would want to have a really good defense if you were to do that - like first in multiple categories
  10. Thanks Virgil, the game is not complete until your write-up comes out, helps me process everything. I agree with people in this string who say that this is their favorite win ever. Last year we escaped the gulag, this year we put the Warden in stripes (ok he can have a hood on his) and let him taste some hard labor out on the taiga. I try to pick one play per game that brings me way more joy than it should - this game really, it was overwhelming but I chose the Jerry Hughes sack on the fake spike - ridiculous on so many levels!
  11. A An A+ draft cannot contain Jones and Peterman. This is a law of nature- you can try to argue otherwise but deep down you know it’s true.
  12. I’m torn - the Chargers we’re probably not the most disappointing this season but when I consider their body of work across many years they need to have an entire wing at Canton dedicated to their advancement of the art and science of Disappointment. I like #9 but could live with Chris Collinsworth being still able to talk
  13. Great job channeling your inner Jerry -now jump in the shower and scrub until the feeling subsides because I know you need to!
  14. The physical aspects of the play are unbelievable but for me it was another example of his ability to dial in mentally. I think that’s why he’s fielding punts and covering when on-sides kicks are coming and why he makes plays in big situations. He may be the most consistently dialed member of them along with Diggs.
  15. Well played! And bonus points for referencing a criminally underrated movie…
  17. Oliver DEFENSE Singletary They call me Mister Diggs (easy to take his excellence week in-week out for granted)
  18. First off GREAT QUESTION thanks for starting the thread. I would go Dallas NE Vikings but am ok with any order. the thing about yesterday’s run was how totally dead the play looked at first - two defenders in ideal position to stop him short. I thought he would lower his shoulder and come up short but was as surprised as both NE defenders when he chose a finesse option I had not spotted.
  19. RIP George Blanda - but Carolina needed him yesterday
  20. I agree on your game balls and always appreciate the nicknames - my favorite this week: "El J"Efe Obada!
  21. We arrived in NOLA on Sunday and have watched the build-up of Bills fans on the street to the point where I think that half of the people in the French Quarter are wearing Bills gear. Lots of “go Bills” and occasional Let’s Go Buffalo chants. I’m amazed at the variety of Bills gear out there and really need to up my game. What are others seeing?
  22. I like the way you framed this Virgil, does anyone else have his skill set? Is that skill set easy to find and replace? I was so annoyed by Danny Amendola, and then somewhat by Beasley when he was a Cowboy, I mean how hard is it really to provide an almost guaranteed 3-8 yards? Really hard it turns out, or we would see more of it across the league. It's such a luxury to have that option. I think the question is whether he can keep it up as he takes on hits and ages but I would want to see a significant decline before letting him walk. That said, the Bills front office tends to do just fine without my advice...
  23. Thanks Shaw, great write up as usual. Nice historical reference to the Jauron era and I feel like you summarized in one sentence all that was good and also soul-sucking about the "Jauronasic" era - play to lose not too badly...
  24. Wow, that all sounds vaguely familiar. Luckily, during the drought I developed the "short memory" thing as a coping mechanism
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