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What was the furthest you traveled to see the Bills play?

Another Fan

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12 hours ago, Billichka said:

Melbourne, Australia to Buffalo is 10,127 miles (according to travelmath.com) in November 2000.


This is my one and only attendance at a Bills game - and what a game it was!  We were victorious at Ralph Wilson stadium versus the Bears 20 - 3.  The highlight was seeing Doug Flutie rush for a TD :).  The atmosphere in the stadium (and outside before the game) was incredible and is something I will never forget!



There's a difference between "traveling to see the Bills play" and "seeing a Bills game while you're traveling.  Did you come expressly for the game or were you on a long trip and you took in a game?

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12 hours ago, Clark Rotary said:

New Orleans last Thanksgiving, loved it and the Saints fans were a good bunch despite a rough loss for them

I think Titans fans are also a good bunch.  Never seen anything but light hearted banter but then again, they're often outnumbered.  I can still visualize the exact scene after Homerun throwback.  Titans fans weren't making fun.  Almost like they sympathized.  A little kid with a  Sam Cowart jersey was walking  down the walkway near us leaving the game and I asked him if he was a fan.  He said he was his nephew and looked worried that I'd be mean.  I smiled at his mom and said he was a great player and all was good.

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So I’m trying to buy 1 playoff ticket. I see there’s a “member pre-sale”. Is that a season ticket holder thing? I’ll be flying in solo from Utah for my first live home game, been to a lot of road games over the last 33 years.


does anyone have a pre sale code they’d be willing to share via DM or text? Thanks!!!

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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