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Dan Snyder Obstructed a Congressional Inquiry(Adam Schefter news)

Big Turk

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38 minutes ago, RoyBatty is alive said:

Nothing new.


Just a grandstanding opportunity for Politicians.


Funny that he's already initiated process to sell the team, ergo they got him out.  But they're still going after him for a..."toxic work environment."  


NFL must have some friends in Congress, but not surprising given how the anti-trust exemption just never seems to get up for a vote.  


Snyder is no angel...but this is how the power players operate: to destroy enemies.  

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also… wait a second… the House Oversight Committee?  I thought they were keeping the investigation within the District of Columbia city administration.  Or does that automatically default to the U.S. House of Representatives?


Either way, those dudes and dames have muuuuuuuch bigger fish to fry than this crap. 

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16 hours ago, ColoradoBills said:

Is anyone shocked about this?  I know I'm not.

He's a horrible person

3 minutes ago, Just in Atlanta said:

Why is this even a federal matter?

if toxic workplaces we’re a federal issue, I have several former employers for them.


Because Congress gives the NFL anti trust legislation among other privleges...so they have some oversight

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