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12/1/22 Week 13 Bills at Pats* Pregame Thread Primetime on Prime!


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11 minutes ago, FrenchConnection said:

There has to be more to this. It’s probably disciplinary. He might have missed a practice or slept through a team meeting. 

hypothetically, he could have missed (or was substantially late) the practice the day the defense was putting in the game plan.

if so, somebody took his reps at that practice, and that's the player who is playing tonight.  



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Someone said it earlier - Dane is better in press, and he's a better tackler. They're thinking about who Jones has as targets, imo.  


One thing I'm pretty sure of: this coaching staff knows what it's doing.  They made this decision for a reason.  My own guess is that it's more scheme & match-ups than anything significant about Elam as a player.


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Just now, HerdMentality said:

Literally everything Tony Gonzalez says is wrong. What’s he doing on this panel?

He has always been anti Bills. I’m not sure why. As far as I know he never had any incidents with our franchise. Not sure why he always feels the need to go against us. He’s been doing this for years on tv now. 

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